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Q: Are the new 2011 easton surge bats bbcor?
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Are the 2008 Easton Stealth bats really being outlawed?

i heard that the V12 will be outlawed due to the ridiculous amount of pop it has

Do college baseball use -3 bats?

Yes, -3 bats (which signifies the oz compared to length of bat. ie 33inch 30oz bat is -3) These bats must now adhere to the bbcor rules on bat performance. Best bbcor bats on market are the Akadema Apocalypse, Rawlings 5150 and Easton Stealth.

What BBCOR bat hits the farthest?

rip it prototype II and demarini have the most pop. If your not a power hitter I would suggest looking at the easton speed series they are weighted better but have less pop. Overall though all BBCOR baTs are pretty much the same.

Is the easton surge composite?

Yes, It is composite. a good place to look at bats is if you wnat to know more.

Which is better the easton speed or the easton omen?

The Easton Surge is way better, it has much better pop. It is way more long lasting, composite bats break easy, and they are going to ban composite bats as the omen in little league. They already banned company's bats in college and high school.

How do you break in an easton surge softball bat?

You hit the ball on the spot where most wooden bats would break. Just past the handle.

Who invented easton baseball bats?

Jimmy Easton

What does BBCOR in baseball bats stand for?

Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution

Which composite baseball bats will not be allowed in 2012 season?

everythng that isnt bbcor

What are the new bat regulations for 2011 high school baseball and what bats meet the standards of those regulations?

- Aluminum bats that are BESR certified and labeled as such are legal for play in the 2011 season. .- Any aluminum bat that meets the 2012 standard is legal for play in the 2011 season. .- Any composite bat that meets the 2012 standard is legal for play in the 2011 season. .- If a composite bat is not 2012 compliant (BBCOR and appropriately labeled), it is illegal for play in the 2011 season. .- The BBCOR performance standard positions the performance of non-wood bats to the high end of wood bat performance. .- Composite Bat BBCOR standard requires compliance with Accelerated Break In (ABI) testing; i.e., the bat remains within the performance limits throughout its life. Current composite bats exceed the top performance limit with use. Taso umpires

Can you use a baseball bat you created in high school baseball?

No, BBCOR bats are required for high school baseball. BBCOR stands for "Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution."

Is bats with bbcor the same as bats with bpf 1.15?

is it illegal to use a bpf 1.15 in the state of babe ruth