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NO. The mariners are in Seattle, WA

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โˆ™ 2009-05-20 22:51:02
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Q: Are the mariners one of the baseball teams in California?
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Is there any baseball teams in Seattle Washington?

yes there is one team called the mariners

Where does central coast mariners play their home games?

The central coast mariners play at bluetongue stadium in gosford. the mariners are one of eleven Hyundai a-league teams (Australian) and is one of the three new south wales teams

Where can one find the owner of Mariners Baseball Team?

There are quite a number of various places where one can go to find the owner of Mariners Baseball Team. Wikipedia has a fantastic list of the owners and executives over the Mariners.

What is the most popular sport played in California?

I live in California, but I'm still just guessing. I would say baseball, which is love everywhere, and basketball because of many different teams in CA. Four teams are in the NBA and one in WNBA.

Baseball most wins?

Hi! The most wins would be from 2 teams since they tied. One 2001 mariners but got defeated by the Yankees in 5 games. Next, the 1906 Chicago Cubs losing in the world series to the White Sox. But, today these teams and all of MLB can always make a difference!

How many Major League baseball teams have never been to the World Series and what teams are they?

After this year there is only ONE active MLB team that's NEVER appeared in a World Series... That team is The SEATTLE MARINERS (Only team that's never won their Pennant)

Winningest baseball team one season AL?

2001 Seattle Mariners--116 wins

What teams are the best in baseball?

One's that can actually hit the ball

How many baseball teams are named Phillies?

just one

How many series have the mariners won?

The Seattle Mariners is one of two Major League Baseball franchises that have never appeared in a World Series. The Washington Nationals in the other.

Tell me about sesattle mariners new bench coach Ty Van Burkleo?

Tyler Lee Van Burkleo (born October 7, 1963 In Oakland, California) Is The Current Bench Coach For The Seattle Mariners And A Former First Baseman In Major League Baseball. He played for two different Major League Teams In His Career: California Angels (1993) And Colorado Rockies (1994) He also played for two teams in Japan: The Seibu Lions (1988-1990) And The Hiroshima Toyo Carp (1991) At the plate he was 5-for-38 for a .132 Batting Average. His One Home Run Was Hit On August 16, 1993, against Detroit Tigers

How many baseball teams are there in Miami?

There is one Major League Baseball team, the Miami Marlins.

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