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Q: Are the leather Adidas f50 adizero football boots comfortable strong and durable?
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Are the Adidas f50 adizero leather football boots strong and durable?

yep..!! f50 are the best boots...!!but synthetic are good....leather is bad

Are fabric of leather sofas more comfortable?

Leather sofas are the most comfortable and durable sofas available.

What is the most comfortable fabric for a couch?

Leather sofas are the most comfortable and durable.

What is Renu leather fabric?

Renu leather fabric is a composite of polyurethane, leather, and polyester. It is a breathable and durable fabric that is comfortable to sit on.

What is f50 adizero made of?

leather and plastic i have i love it

Why was leather footballs used instead of foam?

Leather is more durable and you can kick, throw, and catch better with a more sturdy football which is leather.

Which is more durable leather or fabric furniture?

Leather is more durable as long as it is quality leather.

Is leather durable?

it is usually durable depending on the thickness

Are leather couches more comfortable than other couches?

Leather couches tend to be more comfortable than other couches because the leather makes the couch more durable. They tend to resist dirt and stains better than couches made of other fabrics.

What properties should a car seat have?

comfortable material such as leather durable quality filing foam good mechanism to alter its position

What is the simile for leather?

As comfortable as leather

Is synthetic leather durable?

it is usually durable depending on the thickness

Is leather a good material for ergonomic chairs?

Leather is a good choice as it is durable, comfortable and can be easily cleaned with the right products. If you want to save money and are concerned about your cleaning crew using the correct products then you might want to consider a synthetic leather that still looks good, is durable and is easily cleaned.

Did pu leather durable?


What type of handbag is the most durable?

Leather handbags are considered to be the most durable.

How durable are leather couches?

Leather couches are relatively durable. The leather is hard to rip or puncture and it is very easy to clean up spills. The leather is also very cosmetically appealing to the eye with a clean look!

Are alligator leather briefcases durable?

Yes, they are very durable and water proof too.

What is a leather football made from?


Is top grain leather durable?

Yes, top grain leather is durable. You are gettin real leather. It is the second best form of leather you can get. The first being full grain leather.

What material is most durable for a handbag?

Leather is regarded as the most durable traditional material for a handbag.

Are leather chairs comfortable to sit on?

Whether a leather chair is comfortable depends on the quality of the chair and how much cushioning is beneath the leather. Also, your skin can stick to leather and become uncomfortable.

Benefits of leather?

Leather is durable. Leather is also a common material even though it may be a little expensive. Leather comes from cows.

What are the laces on a leather football made of?

The laces on a leather football is made of COTTON.

Why is the football brown?

It is leather. Leather is brown.

Is suede more durable than leather?

Suede IS leather. It's just a different type of it.