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On December 15, 2010, the Lakers traded Sasha Vujacic in a 3-team trade sending Sasha to the New Jersey Nets.

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Q: Are the lakers going to trade vuajic?
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Who the lakers need to trade to get howard?

4 way trade, lakers give up bynum

Who did the lakers trade for Kobe?

The Lakers traded center Vlade Divac

Who did the lakers trade for Shaquille O'Neal?

He signed with the Lakers as a free agent

Will the Lakers trade Kobe?

The Lakers will almost never trade Kobe. With Kobe's injuries occurring more often then not, it is likely that will hurt him when the lakers decide to give him his extension this season. But no, they will never trade the best player in the NBA.

Did Mario chalmers get traded?

Yes, Mario Chalmers got trade to the lakers in 3 team trade that sent dwight to the Lakers.

Is Kobe Bryant going to stay with the Lakers for next season?

== == Possibly. He already signed a contract though the 2010-11 Season. However, if Kobe demands a trade for any reason, than Kobe will not be with the Lakers.

When are the Lakers going to sign Lamar Odom?

The Lakers are going to sign him over the Summer of 2009.

Will carmelo anthoney trade to the lakers?


Is Kevin Garnett going to the Lakers?

Kevin Garnett is not going to the Lakers. He has said that he likes playing for Boston, and unless a very dramatic event happens, Garnett is not going to be traded, let alone play for the Lakers.

Who is going to win between LA Lakers and phoenix?

LA Lakers

Is Dwight howard going to lakers?

No, he's not. He doesn't want to and the Lakers don't have any pieces to acquire him. The answer above it crap. Here are 4 reasons why the lakers could get dwight howard: 1: The Lakers have the best player to trade with andrew bynum 2: The Magic wouln't be that pickey and they can not wait. 3: Dwight Howard is willing to sigh a contract with the lakers and will not sign one with that many other teams. 4: The Lakers get what the Lakers want.

Is ron artest going to the lakers?

Yes,he just made a deal with the Lakers

Who should lakers trade for Blake griffin?

Don't trade just give it for free

Is lebron going to lakers?


Who did the lakers trade for Steve Nash?

Draft Picks

Who are Kobe braynt teammates?

Kobe Bryant's are Sasha Vuajic, Lamar Odom, and Pau Gasol.

What players were involved in the hornets lakers trade for Kobe Bryant?

The Hornets traded the rights to Bryant to the Lakers for Vlade Divac.

Are the lakers going towin in 2011?

Obviously not because the Mavericks beat the Lakers in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Is Dwight howard going to the lakers for 2011?

Dwight Howard might go on the Lakers or the Chicago Bulls.

Did the la lakers trade devin ebanks as 1 player?

No, Devin Ebanks has not been traded. The Lakers are interested in signing him to a rookie contract.

Who did the Los Angeles Lakers receive Kwame Brown from in a 2005 trade?

Kwame Brown was traded from the Washington Wizards to the Los Angeles Lakers

Who is obama going for in the NBA finals?

The lakers

Who are the Los Angeles lakers going to get?

Don't know. But I think the Lakers have 2 first round pick this year.

When did the lakers get rid of Derek fisher?

The Lakers traded Fisher the day of the 2012 trade deadline to the Houston Rockets in exchange for PF Jordan Hill.

Who did the lakers trade Cedric Ceballos for?

He was traded to the lakers from the suns for a 1st round draft pick. He was later traded back to the suns for Robert horry.