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Q: Are the Vince Lombardi trophies in patriot's parade fake?
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Who was vince lombardi's father?

Harry Lombardi is the father of Vince Lombardi

Who invented football was it Vince Lombardi?

Yes it was Vince Lombardi

What are some trophies?

Some examples of trophies are the Vince Lombardi trophy awarded to the NFL champion. The Stanley Cup is awarded in the NHL and the NBA Championship trophy is also awarded annually.

When was Vince Lombardi born?

Vince Lombardi was born on June 11, 1913.

What is Vince Lombardi's birthday?

Vince Lombardi was born on June 11, 1913.

When was Vince Lombardi Trophy created?

Vince Lombardi Trophy was created in 1967.

Where did Vince Lombardi live?

Brooklyn, New York

Who is the maker of Vince Lombardi trophy?

There are actual multiple Lombardi trophies; one for each Super Bowl winner. They're made by Tiffany & Co for the National Football League.

Are Michael Lombardi related to Vince Lombardi?


What year did Vince Lombardi die?

Vince Lombardi died September 3rd, 1970

Is joe lombardi related to vince lombardi?

Joe Lombardi is the quarterback coach for the New Orleans Saints. He is the grandson of the legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi.

Is Vince Lombardi still alive?

No, Vince Lombardi passed away from colon cancer in 1970.