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National League

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Q: Are the San Diego Padres a Major League National League or American League team?
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What is San Diego's baseball team?

The San Diego Padres are the Major League Baseball team in San Diego, California. They play in the National League Western Division. The Padres have won the National League Pennant twice, in 1984 and 1998, losing in the World Series both times.

What was team name before San Diego Padres?

The Padres have always been called the Padres since entering the National League in 1969.

Who had the most at bats for the National League in 1986?

Tony Gwynn of the San Diego Padres with 642.

Which league do the San Diego Padres belong to?

The San Diego Padres is a National League baseball team. They are in the Western Division along with the San Francisco Giants,Arizona Diamondbacks,Colorado Rockies and the LA Dodgers.

Which National League pitcher had the most saves in 2009?

In 2009, Heath Bell of the San Diego Padres led the National League with 42 saves.

Who won the American league baseball World Series in 1998?

1998 Major League Baseball World SeriesThe New York Yankees (an American League team) beat the San Diego Padres (a National League team) in the 1998 World Series.

Who won the National League Manager of the Year Award in 1996?

Bruce Bochy - San Diego Padres

Who won the national league batting title in 1992?

Gary Sheffield of the San Diego Padres at .330.

When was San Diego Padres minor league players born?

San Diego Padres minor league players was born on 1990-03-04.

Who won the 1976 baeball awards?

National League Most Valuable Player -- Joe Morgan, Cincinnati Reds. National League Cy Young Award -- Randy Jones, San Diego Padres. National League Relief Man of the Year -- Rawly Eastwick, Cincinnati Reds. National League Rookie of the Year -- (tie) Butch Metzger, San Diego Padres and Pat Zachry, Cincinnati Reds. American League Most Valuable Player -- Thurman Munson, New York Yankees. American League Cy Young Award -- Jim Palmer, Baltimore Orioles. American League Relief Man of the Year -- Bill Campbell, Minnesota Twins. American League Rookie of the Year -- Mark Fidrych, Detroit Tigers.

Who was the last switch hitter to win a league MVP award?

Ken Camaniti of the San Diego Padres won the National League's MVP award in 1996.

What happened in 1984 national league championship series?

The San Diego Padres defeated the Chicago Cubs, three games to two.

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