Are the Olympics fake

Updated: 10/20/2022
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no they are very real

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Q: Are the Olympics fake
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Why did China use fake fireworks in the Olympics?

they wonted to

Can a city have their own Olympics?

No, the Olympics are decided upon each 4 years, you can't have your own real olympics, maybe a fake one, but not real, sorry:/

How many medals are given before the finals in the Olympics?

There are 10000 people who take part in the Olympics and nobody gets a medal. THERE FAKE! DO NOT take part in any Olympics!!

What was the penalty for women who attended the ancient Olympics as spectators?

The punishment for a woman attending the Olympics was to be thrown off mount Typaeum.This is not a fake answer

Did Matthew Bellamy fake guitar playing on London Olympics closing ceremony?

yes he did becuz his manager said he had to but he was mad

Is wreslig fake?

Wrestling like you see in high school, college, and the Olympics is real. Wrestling like you see in Friday Night Smackdown is scripted.

Is wresting real or not?

Answer:it was in the ancient Olympics pentathalon

What other Olympics are there?

Winter Olympics , summer Olympics and Para Olympics .

Has Olympics been in Canada?

Summer Olympics: 1976Winter Olympics: 1988Winter Olympics: 2010

Are Ashlynn Brooke's breasts real or fake?

no it s fake but it s big and beautiful

Are 3am challenges real or fake?

fake and all the youtubers post fake content on youtube of 3am

How do you say fakes in spanish?

Fake (verb) To fake your death. Fingir. He fakes - el finge Fake (Verb) To fake some one out. Engañar (fool/deceive) Fake (Noun/adjective) This is a fake. This is a fake diamond. Falso (false)