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It all depends on the Playoff season, but i think so!

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โˆ™ 2008-12-22 16:30:47
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Q: Are the New York Giants going to the Super Bowl again this year?
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Who is going to win the super bowl this year patriots or giants?

Giants won super bowl XLVI.

Who is going to win the super bowl patriots or giants?


Are the giants going to the Super Bowl?


Who is going to super bowl this year?

Steelers and Giants

Who is going to win in the Super Bowl?

NY Giants

Who is going to win the super bowl in 2012?

Giants baby!

What colors are the giants going to where to the Super Bowl?

The giants team colors are red and white. :)

Who is going to 2012 Super Bowl?

The Giants and the Patriots! (Go Patriots!)

What Super Bowl did the giants lose?

Super bowl 35.

Who has more Super Bowl wins cowboys or giants?

Cowboys.Through Super Bowl XLIII, the Cowboys have 5 Super Bowl wins and the Giants have 3 Super Bowl wins.

How many times as the giants won the super bowl?

the giants have won the super bowl 3 times

Have the New York Giants lost a Super Bowl?

The Giants lost Super Bowl XXXV to the Ravens.

Did the giants win the Super Bowl?

They won super bowl XLVI.

What was the first Super Bowl the giants won?

Super Bowl XXI.

What two teams faced each other in the regular season finale and again in the super bowl?

2007 Week 17 - Patriots-Giants. Patriots won. 2007-08 Super Bowl - Patriots-Giants. Giants won.

Who won the super bowl giants or the patriots?

The Giants.

Giants Super Bowl?

The Giant won the Super Bowl four times

Who did the Giants played in their third Super Bowl?

The New York Giants' third Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXXV. They lost to the Baltimore Ravens 34-7.

Who is going to win super bowl 46?

New england over the giants 35-32

Who will win the Super Bowl 47 Championship of 2012 Patriots or Giants?

Of course the New England Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl 47 Championship!!!!

How many time did the patriots play the giants in the Super Bowl?

The Patriots have faced the Giants in 2007-08 (Super Bowl 42) and in 2011-12 (Super Bowl 46)

Did the ravens go to the Super Bowl?

2000 Super Bowl Champs vs. the Giants.

New York Giants super bowl wins?

They have 4 Super Bowl wins.

What Super Bowl did the giants and patriots face in 2008?

Super Bowl XLII (42)

What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers play the New York Giants in the Super Bowl?

The Steelers and Giants have never met in the Super Bowl.