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Currently the New York Giants are a football team. There was also a New York Giants Baseball team that moved to San Francisco in 1958.

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Q: Are the New York Giants a football team or a baseball team?
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Why are the NY giants called giants?

Before the baseball Giants moved to San Fran they were the New York Giants. The football team was then named after the baseball team.

Why are the New York Football Giants called the Giants?

Bcauause NY had a baseball team called the giants

Are the giamts a baseball or football team?

both, there are the new york football giants, and the san francisco basball giants

Which part of New York did the New York Giants come from?

The New York giants baseball team came from Manhattan. The New York Giant football team plays in New Jersey

Are the New York Giants the best football team?

No. In 2012, the Giants were not the best team.

Why are they called new york football jets?

They are not called "the new york football jets" by anyone else but Chris Berman. The Giants were called "the new york football giants" to distinguish them from the former new york baseball team (now in SF)... Its a joke that Chris Berman uses, as obviously there is no "new york baseball jets" or any other sport for that matter.

What kind of sport do the giants play?

The San Francisco Giants are a major league baseball team playing in the National League West division. The New York Giants are a National Football League team that plays in the National Football Conference East division.

Who played both baseball and football for the New York Giants?

1. Jim Thorpe 2. Charles (Steve) Filipowicz played for the New York Football Giants in 1943 and also for the New York Giants baseball team in 1944, as indicated on Wikipedia. I recall the radio broadcasts of the games where this was mentioned, probably by the late Red Barber who did the Football Giant games.

What football team is called the proud Americans?

New York Giants

What team play better New York patriots or New York Giants football team?

New York Giants

What you Mindless Behavior faviorite football team?

Mindless behavior favorite football team is New York Giants

What was Ronald Reagan's favorite football team?

Ronald Reagan's favorite football team was the New York Giants.

What is the best football team of 2007?

The New York Giants

What football team do usher like?

new york giants

What is Billie Joe Armstrong's favorite football team?

The New York Giants.

What is New Jersey's football team?

The state of New Jersey does not have a professional football team. The closest NFL team to this state is the New York Giants or New York Jets.

How much is my 1933 New York Giants full team autographed baseball worth?

Your 1933 New York giants full team autographed baseball is worth $39.99.

What Is Zack Ryders Favorite Football Team?

New York Giants

What is Nat Wolff's favorite football team?

The New York Giants.

What is Selena Gomez's favorite football team?

New York Giants

Who is the tallest in the football team New York Giants?

Eli Manning!

What was Michael Jackson's favorite football team?

New york giants

Were the Gothams and the Giants the same team?

Yes, they were. The New York Giants baseball team, now known as the San Francisco Giants, were originally known as the New York Gothams.

Who is on the New York Giants football team?

Click on the link below to see the New York Giants current roster.

How long have the New York Giants been a football team in the NFL?

The Giants have been in the NFL since 1925.