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Nobody knows. If the Yankees win 11 postseason games they will be the 2010 champions.

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Q: Are the New Yankees going to win the World Series in 2010?
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Are the New York Yankees going to win the World Series again in 2010?


Did the Texas Rangers ever go to the world series?

Not before the 2010 World Series. But they are going in 2010 by winning the American League Conference Series over the New York Yankees by 4 games to 2.

At the start of the 2010 season how many World Series titles do the New York Yankees have?

As of 2010, the Yankees are winners of 27 World Series titles.

What was the last year the New York Yankees didn't make the World Series?

The Yankees didn't make the World Series in 2010.

Who won World Series 2009-2010?

The world series was Yankees vs. Phillies. Phillies won game 1 but the Yankees won the world series, much to my delight.

How many World Series did the New York Yankees win this decade?

The Yankees won 1 World Series championship in this decade (2001-2010). That was the 2009 World Series against the Phillies.

Did the New York Yankees make it to the World Series in 2010?


Who has the most World Series championships?

As of 2010, New York Yankees have won 27 World Series championships.

How many World Series rings did the New York Yankees win?

Through 2010, the NY Yankees have won 27 world titles, giving them 27 World Series rings.

Have the New York Yankees won a World Series since 2010?

No, they have not. Their last World Series win came in 2009.

What pitcher has appeared in the most World Series games?

Through the 2010 World Series, that is Mariano Rivera of the Yankees who has appeared in 24 World Series games.

Which team is predicted to win the World Series for 2010?


Which mlb team has won the most world series in history?

The New York Yankees won their 27th World Series in the 2009 season, and us Yankees fans are hoping for #28 in the 2010 season!

Who is going to win the 2010 World Series?

The san francisco giants will win the world series 2010!!!!!

Who will win the 2010 World Series?

Yankees:95% Rays:92% Padres:85% Rangers:81% These are most likely the teams who are going to be in the 2010 World Series. NOW ITS THE PHILLIES CONSIDERING NONE OF THE ABOVE ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES, I'M GOING WITH THE GIANTS! The Rangers are just barely holding on!

Who won NY Yankees or San Francisco giants?

If you are talking about the 2010 World Series, the Giants won to the Texas Rangers. They beat th Atlanta Braves and the Philidelphia Phillie before going to the series! GO GIANTS!!

Do the New York Yankees have a chance of winning the 2010 World Series?

yes they do more then ever

How many World Series were won at Yankee stadium by the Yankees?

Right now it is 2010 and they have won 27 world series . They are working on # 28. Go yanks!!

Have the New York Yankees ever won a World Series as a wild card?

No, they have not. The Yankees were the wild card team in 1995, 1997, 2007 and 2010.

What number does the manager of the New York Yankees wear and what does it represent?

Yankees manager, Joe Girardi switched to #28 in 2010. He wears that number as a good luck charm, with the hopes of the Yankees going on and winning their 28th championship. In 2009, Joe wore #27 and the Yankees won their 27th World Series.

Which baseball player played in the last three World Series?

Infielder-outfielder Eric Hinske appeared in the 2007 World Series with the Boston Red Sox, the 2008 World Series with the Tampa Bay Rays, and the 2009 World Series with the New York Yankees. He won world championships with the Red Sox and the Yankees. In 2010, he became a member of the Atlanta Braves.

Does alfonso soriano have a World Series ring?

Through 2010, no. Soriano has played in two World Series with the Yankees, losing to the Diamondbacks in 2001 and the Marlins in 2003.

Who won the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox 2010 series?

In 2010, the Yankees and Red Sox ended the season tied 9-9 in their season series.

Where is the 2010 little league World Series going to be?

Williamsport Pennsylvania

How many regular season series wins to open the season did the New York Yankees have in 2010?

The Yankees opened the 2010 season with 5 straight season series wins. The Yankees defeated the Red Sox, Rays, Angels, Rangers and Athletics. They lost to the Angels in their sixth series of the season.