Are the Eagles a good team?

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No the Eagles are not a good team, they have great players but they don't know how to use them

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Q: Are the Eagles a good team?
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Who has a good nfl team but never won a championship?

Philadelphia Eagles

Do the eagles rock?

The Eagles are the best team ever

Where can one find the Philadelphia Eagles team schedule?

The Philadelphia Eagles team schedule can be found on the Eagles team website. The eagles are working usually monday thru friday. They train hard everyday.

What is Black Eagles aerobatic team's motto?

The motto of Black Eagles aerobatic team is '팀워크'.

Are the packers better then the eagles?

HECK NO!!!! Packers would kill the Eagles any day of the year.... well,it depends if there having a good year or not. even if a best team plays againest the eagles, they could lose to the eagles...

What year was the eagles team founded?

The Philidelphia Eagles were established in 1933

Which team is better the eagles or the giants?

Eagles suck Giants are better.

Which rugby team are the eagles?

there are a number. the usa internationl union team use this term as do teams such as Effingham & Leatherhead RFC, Sheffield Eagles, Dundee Eagles

When did the eagles football team start?

The Philadelphia Eagles team was founded in 1933 and joined the NFL the same year.

Are the Philadelphia Eagles your favorite football team?

Yes I like Philadelphia Eagles football team. The Philadelphia Eagles are a professional American football team. I like their logo and way they play are simply excellent.

When were the Philadelphia Eagles created?

The Eagles were founded as an NFL expansion team in 1933.

What Are Sea Eagles?

they are eagles at sea and they are also a football team in to nrl they are the best :)

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