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next year

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Q: Are the Denver Nuggets Going to the NBA championship?
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When did the Denver Nuggets win the NBA Championship?

The Nuggets have never won the NBA Championship

Did the denver nuggets ever win an nba championship?

The Nuggets have never won the NBA championship

When Denver Nuggets have taken the NBA championship?

As of the 2007-08 season, the Nuggets have never won an NBA championship.

Did the Denver nuggets ever win the NBA championship?

No, they have not

Have Nuggets won NBA?

The Denver Nuggets have never won a N.B.A championship or a A.B.A championship.

When did denver nuggets play in nba championship?

As of 2012, never

What is the NBA team in Denver?

Denver Nuggets

Did Denver nuggets score 182 points in a single nba game?

yeah the denver nuggets won 182 points in the single NBA yeah the denver nuggets won 182 points in the single NBA

How is Denver special to Colorado?

There nba team Denver nuggets

Where were the Denver nuggets before they were in the NBA?

they were in the ABA...then merged to the NBA

What is the Basketball league that the Denver Nuggets are in?

the NBA

What is Colorado's NBA team?

Denver Nuggets

What nba team scored the highest number of points in the first quarter?

denver nuggets denver nuggets

When were the Denver Nuggets added to the NBA?

The Denver Nuggets were added to the NBA in 1967. They were originally called the Denver Larks, but the name was changed in 1974 when the team was scheduled for a merger.

What NBA team never won a NBA series?

denver nuggets

When did the Denver Nuggets first entered the NBA?


What NBA team has the highest winning percentage in the NBA in 2010?

Denver Nuggets

What year did the nuggets win a NBA title?

They have never won an NBA championship

Sport teams in Colorado?

The Denver Nuggets in NBA Basketball.

Which NBA team does Chauncey Billups play for?

Denver Nuggets

How many nba championships did the Denver nuggets win?


Who is the best NBA player on the Denver Nuggets?

Carmelo Anthony.

Who is going to win the 2008-2009 NBA championship?

Either Nuggets or Magic either one and maybe the Caveliers

What year did the denver nuggets join the NBA?

The Nuggets joined the NBA in 1976. The Spurs, Nets, and Pacers joined the same season.

Are the Denver Nuggets going to the playoffs?

Sure the heck looks that way. Lets hope for a number 1 spot = ) it's about time for the Nuggets to go to the NBA Finals. LETS GO NUGGETS!!