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No they are not but they are going next year and they are going to be the 2010 NBA Champions

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โˆ™ 2009-03-02 16:17:34
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Q: Are the Chicago Bulls going to the playoffs?
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How many times have the Chicago bulls made it to the nba playoffs?

The Chicago Bulls have made the playoffs 29 out of their 44 seasons.

How many playoffs Chicago Bulls went to?


Who did the Chicago Bulls lose to in the 2006 Playoffs?

Miami Heat

Who eliminated the Detroit pistons in the 1991 playoffs?

The Chicago Bulls.

What Kinda Stuff Do The Chicago bulls wear during the playoffs?


Who do the Chicago Bulls face in the second round playoffs?

In the 2011 series, it was Atlanta.

What team did the Pistons defeat in the 2nd round of the 2007 NBA Playoffs?

Chicago Bulls

Who win yesterday in the NBA playoffs?

the Chicago bulls they lead the series 3-2

What team is carmelo going to?

Chicago bulls

What is the most total points scored by a rookie in their first NBA playoffs?

36 points by Derrick Rose for the Chicago Bulls. 36 points by Derrick Rose for the Chicago Bulls.

Are the Toronto raptors going to make it to the playoffs?

It is a 65 % chance they will make it and 35% chance they won't make they playoffs. If they beat Atlanta Hawks Detroit Pistons,New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls then they are in the playoffs but if they don't beat 2 teams out of 4 then they won't make it to the playoffs.

Did the Chicago bulls ever lose a first round series of the NBA playoffs with Michael Jordan?


What NBA teams have the best historic percentage for making the playoffs?

Its obvously the 72-10 Chicago bulls

Is Lebron James going to the Chicago Bulls?

No. He is going on Miami Heat.

Are the Chicago Blackhawks going to the Stanley Cup playoffs?


What team were the Chicago Bulls playing in game five of the 1989 NBA playoffs?

The Cleveland Cavaliers! yeah baby!

How far did the Chicago Bulls go in the 2009 playoffs?

lost to Boston Celtics in first round 4-3

What are the Chicago Bulls named after?

Bulls from Chicago

What is Chicago Bulls nickname?

The Bulls is the nickname of the Chicago Bulls team.

How many times did Kirk Hinrich lead the Chicago Bulls in assists out of the 6 games they played in the 2006 Playoffs?


What is the name of the Chicago Bulls?

Beside the Chicago Bulls they are called THE BULLS as well.

What NBA team has the most home wins in a season including playoffs?

The 1996 Chicago bulls won a total of 49 games at home including an undefeated run during the playoffs.

What is the best Chicago Bulls playoff record?

The bulls have made it to the playoffs 28 times with a record of 160-122. 6 Championships 1991-93 and 1996-98.

What would be analogy of Chicago Bulls?

Chicago bulls : basketball::

When was Chicago Bulls created?

Chicago Bulls was created in 1966.