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Canterbury Bulldogs, an NRL team, is the most wonderful team in all the history of football. Hazem El Masri, the goal kicker, is an absolute legend and is known to be the best NRL goal-kicker in all the history of football. They are an absolute wonderful team and I don't know why you wouldn't want to go for them. They have great players, great sportsman ship and a great attitude towards football. So to sum it up and answer the question already, yes they are the best team in all of NRL.

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Q: Are the Canterbury Bulldogs the best?
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When was Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs created?

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs was created in 1935.

Which is better Canterbury Bulldogs or Brisbane Broncos?

I think Canterbury bulldogs because they have bigger and better players than the broncos. but that was a close game Canterbury bulldogs just won 25-24 CLOSE

Which nrl team will improve the most?

Canterbury Bulldogs

Which is the coolest NRL team?

Probably the canterbury bankstown bulldogs

Did Jonathon Thurston play for Canterbury Bulldogs?

Yes, in 2004.

Who is fastest in the Canterbury bulldogs?

Josh Morris or Luke Pattern.

How many players are in Canterbury Bulldogs?

12-15 players, including interchange.

How many times have Canterbury Bulldogs won the Grand Final?

8 times.

Is bulldogs the better than rabbitohs and the other 14 teams in nrl?

yes, canterbury bulldogs is the most popular team in nrl. bulldogs is better than rabbitohs and the other 14 teams in nrl. researches and nrl legends have noticed and tested that canterbury have fastest and popular unique footballers.

Which Australian city are the rugby league side the bulldogs located in?

Sydney (Canterbury-Bankstown).

How does the media portray the bulldogs?

The media portrays the Canterbury Bulldogs with a good history, but the fans of the Bulldogs do not have a good reptuation I assume. By going to the games, I've never seen so many security guards in my life.

Who will win the nrl premiership in 2012?

the west tigers were favourites but i think the canterbury bankstown bulldogs

Who is the youngest player in the nrl?

The youngest player in the NRL is Jamal Idris who plays for the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs.

Which team is the slackest in the NRL?

the slackest team of 2008 were the Canterbury bulldogs but the team that was the worst over all were the hunter mariners.

What is The Biggest NRL rugby league score?

1935 round 2, Canterbury bulldogs 6-91 st george dragons

What NRL team is the oldest?

These are the oldest Rugby League teams: Newtown Jets, South Sydney Rabbits, Canterbury Bulldogs and tigers.

Who will be the judge who decided the best story in Canterbury Tales?

The innkeeper will be the judge who decided the best story in the Canterbury Tales.

How many times has parramatta eels and Canterbury bulldogs played in a grand final?

I believe the Answer is two, Eels won one and the Bulldogs won one. Both within the 80's when both teams had won 4 grandfinals each, Bulldogs, aka 'The Entertainers' were the most sucessful of these two teams during this era.

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Are bulldogs the best team?

They are the greatest

What is the best private primary school in Canterbury?

st christophers is the best

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