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Q: Are the Baltimore Orioles the worst team in baseball?
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Are the Baltimore Orioles a Chicago baseball team?

No, they are a Baltimore, Maryland baseball team.

What is the Baltimore baseball team?

the orioles

What is the baseball home team for Baltimore?

The Baltimore Orioles

What baseball team has the worst winning percentage since 2000?

As of 2013, the baseball team with the worst winning percentage since 2000 is the Baltimore Orioles, with a 0.431 winning percentage.

What is the Orioles?

The Orioles are a Major legue baseball team in Baltimore Maryland.

What is the mascot for the Baltimore Orioles baseball team?

A Baltimore Oriole of course. =)

When did the Baltimore Orioles become the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens are Baltimore's NFL team. The Baltimore Orioles are Baltimore's Major League Baseball team. They are both still there. Neither one became the other.

Who wore number 7 for the Baltimore Orioles baseball team?

Brett Nelson

What is the team salary for the Baltimore Orioles?

The Baltimore Orioles's 2014 team salary is $101334943, 16th in the MLB.

What state is Baltimore Oriole's American league baseball team?

The orioles are in Baltimore, Maryland. They are in the American League East.

What does the Baltimore Oriole represent in Maryland?

The Baltimore Orioles is the name of Maryland's one and only professional baseball team.

Who are the most famous baseball players who have ever played for Baltimore Orioles?

The baseball team called the Baltimore Orioles has had many famous players on their roster. Some of the most famous Orioles baseball players are Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken, and Brooks Robinson.

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