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no, street racing is just that - street racing, it is done on public roads etc etc.

drag racing is an official sport where u race at organised event at official drag strips.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-22 18:10:55
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Q: Are street racing and drag racing the same thing?
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Where did automobile racing begin?

When two hit the street at the same time!

What is same as motocross and motorcycle racing?

Your question doesn't make any sense. But if you're asking if motocross falls under the same category as motorcycle racing, then yes. Motorcycle racing is also called MotoGP but that's street bike racing on pavement instead of dirt.

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Why are drag racing vehicles so light?

weight cancels power... same reason runners wear light weight clothing and don't carry weights...

Is dirt bike racing the same thing as motocross?

Motocross is just 1 form of dirt bike racing. Hairscrambles, hill climb and supermoto are a few examples of other types of dirt bike racing

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Is drag racing a sport or hobby?

It can be both, Baseball, Softball are sports, yet there are thousands of small town and/or inter city leagues that play on a weekly bases, for both sport and a hobby, as in drag racing, racing can be done for the fun and enjoyment, hobbies are activities or interests pursued outside one's regular work primarily for pleasure. There are a select few who are lucky enough to have their work, sport, and hobby be one in the same. It is a sport.

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