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Yes, you should get a range from 53-56mm for street.

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Q: Are spitfire wheels good for street skating?
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Is Spitfire a good skate company?

YES! They have amazing wheels. I totally recommend getting spitfire wheels.

Are spitfire wheels good quality?

Yes spitfire wheels are the best wheels you can get they last you a long time and the don't get flat spots very easily I recomend these wheels to anyone who skates

Is blank good wheels for skateboards?

no, bones stf or spitfire

Does spitfire make good grip tape?

Griptape is griptape, there is no good or bad with it. But, if you get the choice buy something like mob or jessup griptape rather than spitfire as spitfire specialise in wheels and you might look a bit stupid when you say you have spitfire grip.

What are some good street skating brands?

element ,Kfd, blind, almost and Evolution are all good street skating brands

What is the wheel of good?

I think spitfire 56mm red and white is great for street

Is a 8.25 skateboard deck ok for street skating?

Simply as a measurement: 8.125 is smaller than 8.25

Are Osiris shoes good for street skating?

I would use vans or dc shoes for street skating especially if you are wanting to get serious about it. also nike makes a good street shoe. but it is really what is comfortable with you and what you are comfortable skating in. but all these shoes have a different grip so pick the one that you really are comforable skating in.

What are good skateboards?

go 2 local skateshop get their deck and very good trucks and bearings independent trucks, lucky bearings and spitfire wheels

Is vision street wear a good skating make?

Yes, no doubt.

What skateboard wheels are good?

well dude, there are lots of so called reliable brands, but i'd hang with zero, zoo york, and spitfire, theyre wheels don't get scuffed up and get those annoying potholes in the wheels.

What size of skateboard wheels are considered small medium or large?

Small: 49, 50, 51, 52 Medium: 53, 54, 55, large: 56 and up Small is good for street skating. medium is good for both street and vert large for vert and long boards. hope this helped.