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Q: Are softballs yellow or white
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Related questions

Why are softballs yellow and not white?

the softballs are pitched from a shorter distance than baseball therefore harder to see. the bright yellow color improves the visibility of the ball.

What colors are softballs?

either white or a dull yellow colour

What colours are softballs?

Neon Yellow with red laces and white with white or red laces

What colors do softballs come in?

Softballs are white or black.

Why are softballs green?

they are not green they are yellow . and its so you can see the ball better

When did girl's softball start using a yellow ball?

In 2002, high-visibility yellow "optic" covering, long-used for restricted flight balls in co-ed recreational leagues, became standard for competitive play. Yellow is the color of official NCAA and NAIA softballs. Yellow softballs are fast becoming the standard for all levels of play for girls' and women's play in particular. White balls are also allowed, but are much more common in slow pitch than in fast pitch

What color is a softball?

normally it's white but softballs can be any colour

Why are softballs called softballs?

personally from a catcher as myself, softballs he are called softballs because of the size, color, and how hard it is, of course for womens softballl the ball is usually yellow with red stitching. the softball is clearly ten times larger than a regular baseball. at some times such as high school softball the ball has a soft leather outer skin but for the professionals its called the rules that it must have a hard texture. -Emmalie Finch, 22.

What is the difference between durahide softballs and leather softballs?

durahide softballs are usually/ should be less expensive and are often used in games for this reason. leather softballs are a lot better for pitching.

Why are softballs yellow?

Softballs are yellow so that the players can easily see them. On cloudy days, a white ball is not easily seen, and this can cause injuries to players. It also makes it easier to locate balls in longer grass. Also when it's dark out, some minor leagues play late at night and since they are minor leagues they share fields sometimes, so sometimes another team's game would be running late, so the other team would have to warm up where there aren't any lights.

What Countries are softballs made in?

Softballs are made in all countries of the world.

How much do softballs weigh?

Official softballs weigh 6.8 oz.

Are softballs heavier than baseballs?

Softballs are generally heavier than baseballs.

Are softballs hard?

Yes! Some people think they aren't because they are called SOFTballs, but they definitely are!

Why are SOFTballs hard?

The reason they call them softballs is because they have a soft core not because they are supposed to be soft on the outside.

What is the difference between slow-pitch softballs and fast-pitch softballs?

slow pitch ball is harder

Does white go with yellow?

Yes white goes with yellow, any shade of yellow will do

What is the difference between slow pitch softballs and fast pitch softballs?

One is thrown slow and the other is thrown fast.

What are the ratings and certificates for Softballs - 2012?

Softballs - 2012 is rated/received certificates of: Canada:14A (Ontario)

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How can I get yellow out of my white HAIR

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