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No there not paid there just in the Olympics

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Q: Are ski jumpers paid to ski jump?
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Are women allowed to ski jump in general?

Yes, there are female ski jumpers but they are not allowed to ski jump in the Olympics.

How high do olympic ski jumpers jump off the ground?

The distance that ski jumpers jump is measured instead of how high they jump. At most Olympic events, they fly for about 100 meters.

How are ski jumps measured in terms of length or distance which ithink is the correct way of determining it- in other words what does a 40 foot ski jump actually mean-measured from jump to landing?

a 40ft ski jump, is the height from the top of the ski jump, to the lip of the jump i.e. from where the ski jumpers start to where they jump

What are the plant markers on the ski jump?

They are for depth perception for the jumpers, a solid white canvas is impossible to read otherwise.

What are the release dates for Amateur Ski Jumpers - 1902?

Amateur Ski Jumpers - 1902 was released on: USA: February 1902

Which country has the best ski jumpers?


What is the goal in ski jumping?

I think it's to get the farthest of all the ski jumpers.

How do you get on the ski jump on mysims kingdom?

To use the Ski Jump you just have to ask Dean, who is by the Ski Jump.

How do ski jumpers train?

Ski jumpers train in a similar fashion to other top athletes. It takes years of training to reach professional or Olympic status.

What do ski jumpers eat?

i think that ski jumpers eat is that they eat low carb diet foods to stay fit and to make it to the finish and win the gold

Is ski jump a compound word?

Ski jump = 2 words

What is the goal of long jump?

To jump further than the other jumpers.

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