Are ruption bmx any good

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: Are ruption bmx any good
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Are ruption bmx bikes better quality than you the people bmx bikes?

ruption bmx bikes are good but we the people are just a little bit better

How much does the Ruption force BMX 2010 model weigh?


How much does the Ruption Vector BMX 2010 model weigh?

0.1 KG its well light blud

Are framed bmx bikes good?

are framed bmx bikes any good

What is the best brand of freestyle BMX for under 400?

There are many all really as good as each other. Look on and any of the makes on there are good except: Blank, Deluxe, Diamondback, Freeagent, GT, Intense, Kuwaraha, MCS, Mongoose, Premium, Redline, Ruption and Stereo. Steer clear of these and you'll be fine :)

Are there any good bmx websites? is the best bmx website

Besides danscomp and albes are there any good online bmx stores?

Empire BMX

Is the WTP Envy good?

Any WTP bike is good, in fact much better than good, great, perfect even. if you're going for a good bmx get a WTP bmx.

How do you tighten the cable on a ruption bmx?

go to the brake calipers.. front or back wheel. undo the little bolt that the cable goes through, pull it tight and hold it whilst doing it back up again.. keep adjusting it until its correct.

How good are wethepeople bmx?


Is the Scan R10 a good bmx bike?

Is the Scan R10 a good bmx bike for doing tricks on

Where can you get good bmx ramps?

You can get bmx ramps at outdoor stores like in fortlauderdale there is "Out Door World" and even some "Sports Athourity" have bmx ramps but if any thing else search for a website to buy bmx ramps online!