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Well,If you are talking about present so i would Say Fc Barcelona,But if you compare them with Their History as well,so real Madrid because it holds many much la liga's and champions league than Barcelona,But Barcelona at the present is much better than Real madrid because of their strongest line-up.

plus,Barcelona's players' have perfect chemistry because most of them were trained by barcelona,so most of them are playing with each other since their childhood.

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โˆ™ 2012-01-28 17:01:14
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Q: Are real Madrid better than barca?
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Is real Madrid better than barca?

These 2 are one of the best teams in the world but these past years barcalona has more wins against real madrid

Who is better real Madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid is nothing with out Cristiano Ronaldo, angel DI maria, misut osil, Karim benzema, and xabi alonzo and barca has a line of youth stars waiting play there for barca is 1,000,000 times better then real Madrid. We have proof of this in there match in 2009 Barca won 6 to 2 but real Madrid is a good team.When trying to decide who is the best team between Real Madrid or Barcelona it is clear that Real Madrid has won more major competitions than Barcelona.

Who is better Real Madrid or Levante?

Levante better than Real Madrid

Is real Madrid better than Brazil?

Yeah, except they have their own brazilian players as well.Kaka,Marceloetc..However, Me a barca fan, i still have to say RM is better.

Are barcalona better than real Madrid?

no 5-0 was a luck real Madrid history real Madrid has beaten up barclona

What team is better Barcelona or real Madrid?

Real Madrid is better b-cuz Real Madrid has Iker Casillas and Barcelona does not have Ronaldinio only Messi but Messi is no match for Iker cassillas. So Real Madrid is better than Barcelona.

Is real Madrid better than Chelsea?


Is fcbarcelona better than real Madrid?

yes.Also Messi Is Better than ronaldo

Is team Barcelona better than team Real Madrid?

Barcelona are a better team as they do not spend so much like Real Madrid does, Barcelona produce from their youth team, which Real Madrid does not do.

Who is better Real Madrid or Galatasaray?

galatasaray is the best better than the rest

Is soccer team Barcelona better than Real Madrid?


Is real Madrid better than juventus?

Maybe or they might be the same.

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