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Poles arent bad footballers

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Q: Are poles good footballers
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Who is richermusician or footballer?

It will be footballers, as musicians must be good to sell , but footballers are playing in a good team will make more.

Do footballers need balance?

footballers need good balance so they don't fall over when they have the ball.

How popular is soccer in Italy?

Soccer is Italys most popular game, and they have produced some very good footballers. As soccer is a cheap sport all you need is a ball and four poles for a game.And to have a world cup with out Italy is unthinkable.

Why do footballers need good balance?

because they just do

Do footballers get paid more than nurses?

it depends how good you are at football and what your club is. but generally, yes, footballers get paid more than nurses

What is the average German football league player salary?

The average German footballers salary is between 60,000 and 80,000 pounds a week, mainly as they are very good footballers.

Which footballers autobiography was titled the good the bad and the bubbly?

George Best

How much does skiing poles cost on average?

You can get rather good poles for about $100.

Are some footballers gay?

Yeah,some footballers are gay

What is the collective noun for footballers?

Collective nouns for footballers are a team of footballers or a squad of footballers.

Do all footballers exchange their shirts after a match?

No, only the people that want to show good sportsmanship.

Do footballers get hypothermia?

Yes, footballers can and sometimes do get hypothermia.

Dispite on how much money they have Why do Real Madrid Steal all the best players in the world?

Real Madrid have money and they splash it out o good footballers, and it is a desire for footballers to wear the famous white shirt of Real Madrid.

Muslims who are great footballers?

no there are great Muslims footballers like zidane ribery enz. but there great footballers from other religions to like ronaldiho ronaldo enz. zo anser is there are alot great Muslims footballers but that dusn't mean all Muslims are great footballers.

Who is richer between footballers and musicians?

footballers. they earn more

Do footballers play in winter?

Footballers do not really play in winter.

Are footballers part of Freemasons?

Some footballers are Freemasons, and some are not.

Who are the current premier league footballers whose surname begins with G?

garath paul good palyer

Are women footballers paid the same as men footballers?

No, unfortunately the huge wages enjoyed by male footballers is no where near what female footballers are paid. Some male footballers would be on £100,000 a week, women might be getting £500 at best. It is because there is very little money in the women's game.

Are footballers get overpaid?

footballers get overpaid. they get more money than people in the army and all footballers do is kick a ball around and shooting goals

Are ski poles good or bad?

It depends on alot of things for example, how good are you, if you have just started you shouldn't use poles and some freestyle skiers don't use/like them but they are a huge help in all mountain skiing, I personally like poles.

Do soccer players need flexibility?

Yes they do, footballers need pace and the more flexible they are, the faster they run and the better their reactions are. SAFC stars are the prime example of good players because they stretch. Same as your favourite footballers.

Richest between footballers and musicians?

Footballers are richer and get more fame

What does Footballers carry their brains in their boots mean?

it means that footballers are stupid

What is the duration of Footballers' Wives?

The duration of Footballers' Wives is 2640.0 seconds.