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You cannot openly carry paintball guns anywhere. you must keep it in a case, with gun, air and paint separate until you are home or at the field.

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Q: Are paintball guns illegal to carry on the street of philadelphia?
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What are paintball laws in Indiana?

Although I am not 100% certain, I believe there are little to no restrictions beyond common sense. If you use your gun to threaten anybody, that's illegal. If you shoot non-participants, that's assault. If you carry it down the street and somebody freaks out, you could be stopped by police or possibly arrested. Just play on private property and don't be stupid and you should be good.

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not in a carry on bag, but they may be checked into your luggage without any worries.

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The firearm laws in Queens apply as the firearms law in New York City, which means they are illegal, but depends on your luck, the police officers may not decide to enforce it as some do play paintball as well or do not know whether paintballs are covered as firearms in NYC law. As long as you don't do something crazy like open carry, and stuff like that, you're okay.

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