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Yes the new tires are faster and do not slip.

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Q: Are new tires faster than old tires in Nascar?
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Why do NASCAR drivers weave side to side?

At the beginning of a race or a restart after a caution, Nascar drivers will weave their cars side to side to clean off as much debris as possible from their tires. Also, this process will heat up the tires for a better grip.

Using the ideas about friction and deceleration explain using a new tire than badly worn tires?

New tires actually have less friction on dry surface than old, bald tires, but once the old tires hit water, you new tires quickly win.

Why are new tires better than old tires?

Because they have more tread.

Do new tires require a wheel alignment?

Not necessarily. If the car was in alignment prior to getting the new tires, it will be in alignment after the new tires. It isn't a bad idea to check the alignment periodically and it is probably better to check it more frequently than when you get new tires.

What are retreaded tires?

Retreaded tires are refurbished tires. Instead of winding up in a landfill, they are recoated with rubber and resold. They are safe and cheaper than new tires.

Will new tires improve the handling of my car?

Yes, they will have more grip, which will allow for faster turning around corners.

Is the new ford ranger faster than the new Toyota hilux?

Toyota HILUX is faster

If you get bigger tires and wheels is a wheel alignment required?

its recommended but not required, I as a good practice because I figure if you just spent money on new tire you don't want them to wear faster than they should.

New name for NASCAR Cup 2008?

Nascar Sprint Cup.

Do you get new brakes or new tires first?

new tires. If the tires brake, you'll need it

Does a new car goes faster than a broken car?

i think a new car is faster than a broken because.a new car are very fast some cars have different miles.

What are the disadvantages of buying used tires?

Used tires often no longer have a manufacturer guarantee, their lifespan is much shorter than new tires, occasionally there can be undetected wear spots that can be dangerous.