Are minties better than greenies

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Are minties better than greenies
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When was Vilnius Minties Gymnasium created?

Vilnius Minties Gymnasium was created in 1974.

When was The Greenies created?

The Greenies was created on 1970-12-06.

What were the mints made by Rowntrees like Tutti Frooties called?

tutti minties

Are greenies bad for dogs. My Dog eats Greenies frequently and last night and this morning he threw up There were chunks of greenies in it?

Yes and No, They recently came out with a new softer recipe because of that very reason. Also, dogs were choking on the harder greenies of the old recipe an were dying. As of now though, be careful to not feed too much of them. Sources: my uncle works for the company

What were greenies during the Vietnam war?

New in country.

How can you retrieve your kite from a tall tree with a packet of minties a hairbrush and a comic?

Use the hairbrush to knock the kite down.

What are greenies?

Greenies was one of the names people called World War 2 refugees when they emmigrated to countries. I think it was mainly used when the orphaned refugee cildrem emmigrated to Canada in late 1940's

What should you do for a dog that ate a whole bag of minties dog treats?

My dog just did the same thing, can't find any answer online

What should you do if your bunny has bad breath?

Give it Greenies there for dogs but u can get the mini's

Why do you use the name fossil fuel?

Because the Greenies think that global warming is happening & that we need to "save the earth".

What can we eat that won't make a noise in the kitchen?

well when i was 15 i used to always have midnight snacks if they wernt in the creaky cupboard i used to eat candy canes and minties and redskins!! hope this helps

Why do Wyomingites called Coloradans greenies?

because the license plates are green and because coloradans tend to care more about the enviroment.