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Yes. You will get the ball to squish into the face better if you have a slower clubhead speed than a power hitter.

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Q: Are low compression golf balls better for slower club head speeds?
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What is the difference between Women's golf balls and men's golf balls?

Women's golf balls have softer rubber cores, which helps add distance for people with slower swing speeds.AnswerI have been playing golf for eight years and right now I'm 13, so i know the answer 100%. Women's golf balls have soft cores and they are better if you want more back spin on you shot. Most people also preffer womens golf balls on the putting green because it goes slower with a better feel. Men's golf balls are hard core. They don't give as much back spin as the women's golf balls. So if you want to improve your far distance with the driver, then I would recommend to you Men's golf balls.

Which titleist balls having 80 compression?

Golf balls aren't classed by compression anymore. Probably a cheaper one like a DT SOLO or NXT would have a compression similar to this.

How are tennis balls different?

Because not like other balls they have four different types of balls. These balls have different speeds.

What is the difference between women's and men's golf balls?

There isn't any difference in the balls. It is the distance of the tee from the hole which balances things out. Generally men's golf balls have a compression of 90 or 100. Lady, senior and junior golf balls are usually 80 compression. The compression of a golf ball is directly related to your swing speed. If you have a high swing speed, you want a high compression ball.....if you have a slow swing speed, you need a low compression ball. Weather is also a factor in the compression you should use. If it's cold you may want a 90 compression ball so it will travel further. That doesn't mean hit an 80 compression ball so you can gain distance the ball won't last 2 holes if you have too high of a swing speed. Woman's golf balls are more softer and soft balls carry more backspin to shots. Men's golf balls are harder and so for their long game shots, their ball goes further. Womans golf balls are usually better for short game but not for distance. I use hard balls. I like the way they feel when I put and when I make contact with the ball. Womans golf balls feel a bit hollow to me when I put so I prefer the hard ones.

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What is the quality of range balls in comparision to standard golf balls?

They are usally high compression very low quality two piece balls.

What do the different colors on callaway golf balls mean?


What sort of Cloth is used to cover billiard tables?

Worsted wool. The most widely used cloth in professional pool is a brand called Simonis. It comes in 2 "speeds", 760 and 860. The 860 has more nap which makes the balls roll slower.

What is the best ball for distance?

This all depends on your swing speed my friend. Harder balls go farther for a person with higher swing speeds and softer balls go further for those individuals with lower swing speeds.

What is the lowest compression golf ball available?

In Maxfli golf balls, Maxfli 2002 has the lowest compression of 80. Great performances were delivered because of this.

Does mountain dew cause your balls or dick to shrink?

no just makes them grow slower

Can men play golf with women's golf balls?

Men can play with womens' golf balls, but it is not really advisable for all. Womens' golf balls are distance balls with low spin, because generally women have slow swing speeds. Men have faster swing speeds and can let the club, not the ball do the work so don't need the extra distance. Also a man would struggle to stop the ball on the greens because of the low spin. On the ladies tours, they would use the same golf balls as the men do, because the professional ladies have quicker swing speeds.

What is a primary different between squash and other racquet sports?

The balls are very small and come in varying speeds.

What is a primary difference between squash and other racquet sports?

The balls are very small and come in varying speeds.

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How does heat effect the speed of a squash balls?

the air has lots of moisture in it making it thick which makes the ball a lil slower

Why do tennis players inspect the balls before serving?

Players inspect the balls in order to see which has the least wear on it in order to serve with it. The balls fly faster through the air when the material is still quite compacted, but will be slower when they are fluffier. They can gain an advantage on serve when the ball travels faster, just the same as when they serve with new balls.

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Why are some golf balls better than others?

Some golf balls are better than others because they are created with stronger materials. Some are better because they are more precisely balanced than others.

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