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Q: Are long hits and long corners the same thing in field hockey?
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What are set plays for field hockey?

The Main Set Plays in field hockey are: Penalty/Short corners, Long corners, 16 Yd hits. Although some people forget, the following are also set plays and should have a set routine: Side line hits, Free hits -open play, Free hits -inside 23 metre area.

What are the hits in field hockey?

Push pass, slap shot, Drive.

Must a player have one foot out of bounds for field hockey sideline hits?


Why is a short corner awarded in field hockey?

The defending team do a stick tackle or it hits their foot inside their D

What types of field hockey shots are there?

Hits: hit, sweep, tomahawk, backhand. Pushes: drag, push, scoop. Flicks: flick, dragflick.

When is a long corner awarded in field hockey?

If the team hits the ball over the end line by the goal they are defending, the opposing team gets a long corner.

Who hits harder hockey of football?


What is considered a shot in hockey?

When you shoot the hockey puck and it either hits the goalie or gos in the net

What are some sport words that start with E?

· equestrian · eagle (golf) · earned run average (baseball) · elbowing (hockey) · eligible receiver (football) · empty net goal (hockey) · encroachment (football) · end (football) · end around (football) · end zone (football) · endurance (track & field) · enforcer (hockey) · equestrian · error (baseball) · exchange zone (track & field) · exhibition (tennis) · extra attacker (hockey) · extra base hits (baseball) · extra point (football)

What constitutes a shot on goal in hockey?

If it hits the goalie or the net

What is boarding in hockey?

Boarding in hockey is a penalty in hockey where a player hits another player with an attempt to injure. These checks/hits often occur when one player hits another player about 2 feet away from the boards so when the opposing player falls down his head will likely hit the boards

Can you switch hands while playing field hockey for sideline hits?

Although there is no reason to change hands, it is perfectly acceptable to use your stick with whichever hand you want provided it fits within the rules.

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