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Q: Are ladies golf balls made to go longer distances than men's golf balls?
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Are precept laddie golf balls a man's or woman's ball?

The laddie is not gender specific. Ladies golf balls are usually labelled as ladies golf balls, where as you would never see golf balls labelled mens' golf balls.

Will ladies golf ball travel more distance on the tee shot?

Ladies golf balls are distance golf balls, they have very little spin. They go slightly father, but not by that much.

How many types of golf ball are there?

Hundreds of models of golf ball.There are 2,3,4 and 5 piece golf balls. Spin/ distance/ velocity and ladies golf balls.

How many kinds of golf balls are there?

There are hundreds and hundreds of types of golf balls. There are many manufacturers each with numerous types for various skill levels and price ranges. There are distance balls, spin balls and ladies balls etc.

How many rubberbands in a golf ball?

None, modern golf balls no longer have wound cores.

How many elasticbands do you need to make a golf ball?

There is no longer elastic bands in golf balls.

Which golf ball is best for women?

The best ball for a lady is a Ladies golf ball, these are designed so that you can get the most out of the ball and the most out of your game. There are a lot of golf balls designed for ladies, it is simply personal choice which one you prefer.

What claims do the makers of Pro V1 golf balls make to sell their golf balls to their prospective customers?

The makers of the Pro V1 golf balls claim that their golf balls are the '#1 ball in golf'. They claim that it delivers great distance, consistent flight, great green control and that they last longer.

When was Ladies' Golf Union created?

Ladies' Golf Union was created in 1893.

Can men play golf with women's golf balls?

Men can play with womens' golf balls, but it is not really advisable for all. Womens' golf balls are distance balls with low spin, because generally women have slow swing speeds. Men have faster swing speeds and can let the club, not the ball do the work so don't need the extra distance. Also a man would struggle to stop the ball on the greens because of the low spin. On the ladies tours, they would use the same golf balls as the men do, because the professional ladies have quicker swing speeds.

Can a PGA golfer use a ladies ball?

The simple answer is yes, they could. However in reality they would not use them. Ladies golf balls are made for distance, and have very little feel. Feel is what a professional golfer wants from a golf ball. As ladies balls are made for distance, it means they have to sacrifice spin, so the pro's would struggle to stop the ball as quickly as they do.

What is more deadly a baseball or golf balls?

golf balls

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