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Yes they are.

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Q: Are john elway and Brett favre best friends?
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Who is a better quarterback Brett Favre or john elway?

John elway the best of all time

Who are the 3 best qbs of all time?

John Elway Brett Favre Dan Marino

What NFL quarterback has the wons total wins?

John Elway and Brett Favre currently tied at 148. tie between Brett Farve-John Elway.. at least this week On September 16, 2007 Brett Favre won his 149th game as a starting QB passing John Elway for the most victories by a quarterback. As of September 23rd 2007 Brett Favre has 150 wins as an NFL starting Quarterback.

Who is the best QBin the NFL?

its between joe montana, troy aikman, terry Bradshaw, big Ben, and tom Brady, or john elway or Brett favre

Is Brett Favre the best quarterback ever?


Who is best QB IN T NFL?

I say that Brett favre is

Who is the best packers player of all time?

Brett favre

Who is the current Denver Broncos best player?

Brett Favre

Is Brett Favre the best quarterback?

no. but hes in the top 10.

Where can one view videos of Brett Favre?

One can view videos of Brett Favre at many online sources. The best place to view videos of Brett Favre would be on YouTube. There is no official channel so one would just have to search.

What is the best ungraded rookie Brett Favre card?

NO its spencer coleman

Do you like Brett Favre?

YES, He is the best QB in NFL history