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Yes they are the same.

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Q: Are hpa and nitrogen paintball tanks the same?
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Can the bt tm7 paintball gun use nitrogen?

Yes, Tm7s can run on HPA tanks.

What is the best hpa tank?

HPA tank stands for High Pressure Air and is a 3500 to 5000 psi canister for paintball made of steel or carbon fiber. It is an alternative to CO2 tanks, and is also called: Nitrogen tank, nitro or air tank.

What is the difference between compressed air and n2 in paintball?

"Air", "Compressed air", "High Pressure air", "nitrogen", "N2" and "Nitro" are all the same gas, these are just different nicknames for it. The correct term is High Pressure Air, or HPA. Since air is mostly Nitrogen, it is given other names. The Air also contains CO2, but in paintball Co2 is separated pure liquid Carbon-dioxide, which is incompatible with HPA tanks and guns.

Can CO2 tanks be used as nos?

Firstly NOS is Nitrous-Oxide, which is never used for paintball. "nitrogen" is another term for High Pressure Air tanks, because air is primarily Nitrogen. you must buy a HPA tank to use HPA. Not only can you not physically fill the wrong tank with the wrong gas, but It would destroy your burst disk if you tried.

Is a compressed air paintball gun the same as a CO2 paintball gun?

Yes. High pressure Air tanks (HPA) is compressed air, which is mostly Nitrogen. "Nitro" is not what HPA they are called, unless you are talking about Nitrous oxide, which is used in anesthetics and motor racing.

How do you set the output pressure on HPA tanks?

you can only do this with ninja paintball tanks you have to unscrew the top part and change out the shim that comes with your ninja tank

Do all paintball guns run on CO2?

All paintball guns require propellant, but some use HPA or high pressure air, instead. HPA tanks are more expensive and holds less shots, but are significantly more consistent (accurate) and easier and cheaper to refill. You can also tell how much you have left on a HPA tank.

HPA tank versus a Co2 tank?

HPA -- High Pressure Air. Compressed nitrogen/air that is used to power a paintball gun. HPA tanks are more expensive than CO2 tanks, but HPA is more consistent and does not damage your marker. HPA is an essential for high end electronic guns. CO2 -- Compressed Carbon Dioxide that is used to power a paintball gun. CO2 tanks are much, much cheaper than HPA tanks, but are also more hazardous to use on electronic guns. CO2 has a nasty habit of suddenly turning into a liquid, especially when it is cold outside. When CO2 turns into a liquid it can have negative effects on velocity and accuracy. Also, for this reason, CO2 is dangerous to use on an electric gun because if liquid CO2 gets into the gun's internal parts it can damage the marker's electrical components permanently. In short--HPA tanks are expensive but more consistent, and necessary for expensive electronic guns. CO2 is cheap but can have unpleasant side effects, so it should only be used on lower end guns.

Does dangerous power g3 run on just psi?

Psi stands for Pound Square Inch, which is a measurement of pressure. What you are thinking of is HPA or High Pressure Air tanks (sometimes called nitrogen or nitro) and yes, the G3 can only use HPA tanks.

What can you use to refill a HPA paintball tank?

HPA means high pressure air, so it basically means everything you breath in compressed into a tank

What is Nitro on paintball guns?

Most paintball markers can hold a N2/Nitrogen/HPA/Air tank so I couldn't possibly list them all, if you submit specific markers I could tell you if they fired using Nitrogen.

Are nitrogen paintball tanks refillable?

High pressure air, and all air for that matter, is about 78 percent nitrogen, so it is nicknamed a "nitrogen tank" . So a HPA tank is supposed to be filled with "nitrogen" which is really just air.