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High school sports can provide many opportunities for a child such as acquiring physically fit body, developing character and skills and of course, having fun.

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they should not

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Q: Are high school sports good for kids?
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Why don't very many kids play sports in high school?

Why dont kids play sports in high school?

Are school sports good or bad affecting how kids do in school?

It's important to provide enough money to support athletics in High School, but it should not hurt academics subjects and art program.

Are school sports good for children?

yes! because if you take the school sports away then the kids will become obese or overweight! the more exercise, the more fit that kid or kids will be!

Why do kids that play sports have a higher chance of graduating high school and college?

because playing sports teaches you dicipline. sports also teach you to be proud to be a winner. sports also make you goal oriented and to reach a common goal as a team. or it did when i played high school sports

Is fullerton high school a good school for kids 13-18?


Is sandia high school a good school?

yes its a great high school because they help special ed kids

What are some good titles for essays having to do with high school drop outs?

kids aren't serious kids interest at high school kids need professional assistance kids bored kids love

Is it a good idea to get kids involved in after school activities?

Yes, it is a good idea to get kids involved in after school activities. These include sports such as football, baseball, basketball as well as debate clubs, school newspaper, chess clubs and more.

Is keeping sports in school good?

Yes it is because it gives kids things to do instead of being bored

Why are school sports important in elementary school?

of course because if you dont have a sports team kids will get fat like a person i know(:yes because elementary probably wanna learn how to do sports that wouldn't be fair if only middle and high school gets sports no fairYES! I think sports are a great way to get young children active, and I most definently think that sports teams would be excellent in elementary schools, so kids can get ready for school sports in middle and high school.

Can kids have sports in school?

YES! Its called school sport

What are some kids that are good at sports?

Breydan and Tanner are good at sports!! :):)