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There is no limitation on the material a shaft can be made out of as long as it conforms to the guidelines within the USGA rulebook (Straightness, deflection and Twisting, and attachment to the head)

So as long as a hickory shaft meets these guidelines, yes, it would be allowed.

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Q: Are hickory shafts allowed in golf rules?
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When were hickory golf shafts first used?

In 1826, a club-maker, Robert Forgan of Scotland, began to use hickory imported from America to manufacture shafts.

Where could someone go to read how golf club shafts work?

One could get a Golf for Dummies book or visit online information pages to learn how golf club shafts work. About has an article that talks specifically about the flex of shafts and its role in golf.

Where can one purchase Fujikura premium golf shafts?

Fujikura premium golf shafts are available at several online retailers including the Fujikura Golf store, Golfsmith, and Discount Golf World. Resellers, such as ebay, frequently have Fujikura shafts available also.

Is a golf professional allowed to caddie in a golf competition?

Check competition rules for clarification, it varies from competition to competition.

Can you hit with the back side of a golf club?

Yes, under the rules this is allowed. The only circumstance in which you cannot hit with the back of the club is if it has 2 designated striking faces, this is a club which is not allowed under the rules of golf.

Ncaa division 1 mens golf and alcohol what are the rules?

No alcohol is allowed.

Anybody out there collect golf memorabilia-old hickory golf club etc?

You might try they auction golf memorabilia including Old Hickory clubs. I believe they have a golf Blog you can ask questions about golf memorabilia.

Who makes Adams golf shafts?

Adams has several companies that make shafts for them.

Do steel golf shafts have a spine?

Yes they do.

Is there a 650cc golf clubhead for lefties?

Wouldn't think so. The maximum clubhead size allowed under the rules of golf is 460cc.

Can a pool cue be part of the 14 clubs allowed in a golf bag?

The Rules of Golf have strict definitions of what does and doesn't count as a golf club. A pool cue doesn't have a face, therefore it doesn't count as a golf club. You should be allowed to carry it in your bag without it counting as one of your 14 clubs, but you wouldn't be allowed to use it for golf.

What is a golf cart input shaft?

Golf Cart Input Shafts are like parts of the golf cart that's need to be overhauled.