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Q: Are guards taller than forwards in basketball?
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What is the recommended height for basketball?

This depends on the position. Point guards are generally the shortest on the floor, going from around 5'10" to 6'4". However, there are taller guards (Magic Johnson) and shorter guards (Earl Boykins). Shooting guards are generally taller than the point guards, but not a whole lot. Shooting guards are generally between 6'4" and 6'7". Small forwards are the middle sized players, going from around 6'6" to 6'11". Power forwards are usually the second tallest, but sometimes are smaller than the small forwards. Heights range from 6'8" to 7'0". Centers are the tallest on the floor. They usually range in height from 6'10" to anywhere above. However, all position players do not need to be the heights listed. If you are good, it doesn't matter how tall you are.

What does the foward do in basketball?

There are two types of forwards: the power forward and the small forward. The power forward is taller than the small forward. In offense, the forwards run in the front and are closest to the opponent's basket. In defense, the forwards defend the front part of the paint. The forwards' heights are usually in the middle.

Is a high school basketball rim taller than a NBA one?


An average Hockey stick heghts?

75 - 85 % of your height (some like it shorter and others like it taller; defencemen often uses taller sticks than forwards)

Is a basketball player taller than a giraffe?

No, because giraffes are almost as tall as a tree

Do guys grow taller than girls?

If you do sports (basketball / voleyball) and drink milk then yeah ;)

What does a guard do in basketball?

there are two types of guards in the NBA, a point and a shooting guard. the point guard is known for their quickness, dribbling and passing abilities where as a shooting guard is normally taller than the point in size and can knock down shoots from anywhere on the floor.

What are the positions in basket ball?

Point Guard are for usually smaller players that pass well Shooting Guards are for guys that tend to shoot well Small Forwards are bigger than Guards usually that defend and score Power Forwards are guys that defend,block,and rebound and Centers are the biggest guys on the court that can get i the paint real well

Is bird a person?

Larry Bird is a person and, at 6'9", he is taller than most ostriches and plays basketball better.

Who is the shortest professional basketball player in the NBA?

earl boykins stands at 5'5" im even taller than him

If a basketball player is 6feet and 8inches how much taller than 4feet 11 inches in inches?

21 inches

You are taller than him or he.?

You are taller than him is the correct answer .

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