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Yes, graphite shafts are more flexible than steel ones and require a slower swing speed to get the ball airborne. They are aimed at all players in drivers, woods and hybrids, but only at seniors, women and juniors in irons.

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Q: Are grafite golf clubs more flexible?
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Number of golf clubs allowed in bag?

The rules of the USGA specify no more than 14. You can carry fewer, but not more than 14. Also, clubs can not have moveable heads or flexible grips.

Whats the Quality difference wooden golf clubs iron golf clubs?

Metal Clubs Tend To Be More Durable And Get More Distance In Most Cases.

Do tall women use men's golf clubs?

Yes, tall women can use mens golf clubs. But length is not the only difference between men's clubs and women's clubs. Womens' clubs are a lot lighter, and have more flexible shafts, this because women have slower swing speeds, so the shafts help the ball get in the air easier.

Can a man use a woman's golf clubs?

Yes, they can. But they may be the butt of some jokes. Older men use ladies clubs because the shafts are lighter and more flexible so easier to get in the air etc.

What are some of the more prestigious golf clubs in America?

There are various prestigious golf clubs in America. The more prestigious include the Shadow Creek golf course, and also the Thai Country club golf club.

How many golf clubs can you carry?

You can carry up to 14 total clubs in your golf bag, a 2 stroke penalty is incurred for more than this number of clubs.

Why are golf clubs made out of titainium?

Because it makes the golf more enjoyable and club more light and strong.

How many golf clubs are in a full golf set?

Per USGA and PGA rules, no tournament player can have more than 14 clubs in his/her bag at anytime.

What are the major differences between men's and women's golf clubs?

Women's clubs tend to be about 1 inch shorter. The shafts also should be a little more flexible. Grips might be a little thinner, too. Other than that, it's pretty much just cosmetics. On average, women probably should use a higher lofted driver, say 13 degrees or so, because with a slower swing speed more distance can be generated with higher loft. (Probably most men should, too, but that's another argument.)Answer by FutureLPGAgolferThe major differences from men's and women's golf clubs is that women's golf clubs are more flexible and men's golf clubs are more stiff. The grips are thinner for women and the grips are bigger for men. Women's clubs are lighter which helps generate speed and men's golf clubs are heavier which makes a hard impact on the ball. Women and men should have a lofted driver of 11 degrees. Women can be just as fast as men, probably even faster because they are more flexible to have a full body rotation. I use 11 degrees and I go 210 yards. And the ball goes very high with a 11 degrees but still good enough to go as far as possible.

Do golf courses have dress codes?

Yes nearly all golf clubs do. And the more exclusive they are the stricter they are.

What is the difference between men's and women's golf clubs?

As a general rule, women's clubs are shorter, lighter, and have more flexible shafts then men's clubs. Sometimes the color of the grips (powder blue, etc.) or the model name (Annika Sorenstam, etc.) may give it away. However, anyone can have clubs custom made to any length, weight and shaft flex so the general rule is just that...general. GOLF IS MAD:)

Can a woman use men's golf clubs?

yeah you can but it might be more comfortable if women use women clubs and men use men clubs

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