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I'm a girl, and i can do kickflips, heelflips, ollies, pop-shove its, 180's, and alot more. theres even a lot of pro girl skaters

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โˆ™ 2012-10-26 04:03:02
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Q: Are girls able to skateboard
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Do you have to be able to skateboard to be able to snowboard?

Knowing how to skateboard does make snowboarding easier, but you can snowboard without knowing how to skateboard.

Does girls have the right to skateboard?

Anybody has the right to skateboard. you just have to start

Where can you buy a retro girls skateboard?

i didnt know that they had them im pretty sure u wont be able to find any srry

Were can you get a free girls skateboard?

You get sponged by them so you can get their boards for free.

Where can you find pictures of girls doing skateboard tricks?

Is a girl skateboard only for girls?

There are brands whose graphics appeal to girls but aside from that no. Girls can ride any board they want to ride on.

Do skater guys like girls who skateboard?

of course.its a common topic

How many people skateboard?

probably most boys in the world some girls to

Do girls like skateboard?

Yeah some do, some don't, some don't care

Is this a good skateboard?

Sorry this is the asker here, I don't seem to be able to edit my question so here it is. I want a skateboard that is good for a beginner and riding casually on the road. I also want it to be able to handle bumpy roads.

How do you ride a snowboard in Roblox?

Firstly, select the skateboard in your game inventory and drop it by pressing the 'Backspace' button. Then, move your character towards the skateboard and step on it. You should be able to ride on it.

Are long boards better for beginners?

Better for beginners of what? If you want to longboard... learn on a longboardIf you want to skateboard... learn on a skateboardThey are quite different to ride, the principals are the same so if you can ride a longboard, you'll be able to ride a skateboard but you'll find doing tricks on a longboard is far harder than on a skateboard.

Can girl's jump higher than boy's?

no boys jump higher than girls as they have strongr leg muscles that is why some girls find it hard to kickflip when they skateboard

Do girls like guys who skateboard?

Well it depends... If the girl likes guys who skateboard, or finds it cool or whatever, then, yes. If they don't, then no. However, the majority of the time it will probably be yes.

What is a good size skateboard for tween to teen girls?

7.6 are prob the best but i wold say 7.5 through 7.8

How many wheels does a skateboard have?

A skateboard has 4 wheels.

Is element the best skateboard brand?

It all depends on a persons opinion, i personally like them but i would prefer girls skateboards over them.

Do girls skateboard?

Yes girls do skateboard! I'm 13 and I just learned my 360 twist! And I love it! Its a great sport1 but if your just starting then you should wear a helmet knee pads and elbow pads because for beginners it can be dangerous! :D I love skateboarding around sho[rite and where all the other stores are! Its fun, I also love skateboarding in the MALL!

Given the same slope angle which is faster a snowboard or skateboard?

a skateboard will go faster a skateboard will go faster a skateboard will go faster

How do you balance on the skateboard?

well it has to do with balance so if you cant balance off a skateboard than your not going to be able to on one so it kinda takes practice; like me and my friends say skateboarding takes practice and practice make perfect

How do you use skateboard in a sentence?

My brother's skateboard is blue with white and black, he loves his skateboard.

How many skateboard bands are there?

To have a longboard of the best skateboard brands in the feeling of joy that is fully enjoyed by a true skater. At the same time, selecting the perfect skateboard is a tricky task. With the innovation of technology more and more perfect skateboards are now available in the market. There are a lot of best skateboard brands that are constantly designing skateboards for every person like, adults, beginners, kids as well as professional skaters. But at the same time, you may have a question in your mind that How can you choose a perfect skateboard for you? But no need to worry about this confusing situation here our team worked hard to help you to pick the best skateboard by collecting essential and useful information about the best complete skateboard brands. So letโ€™s have a quick view of the things that must be on the skateboard. Deck size must be compatible with your height. Bearings and wheels should be the best and skateboards must comprise risers. firstly we need to look at our top 5 editorial recommendations in 2021 WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners and kids KPC Pro Skateboard Complete MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard ChromeWheels 31 inches Skateboard METROLLER Skateboard for Girls Boys Beginner, Youth Adult Teens

What to put in a skateboard backpack?

A skateboard.

Why did they name it a skateboard?

=they named a skateboard a skateboard cause you are simply skating on a board I think that's the answer=

How can tell if with a fake skateboard and a real skateboard?

no such thing as a "fake" skateboard, the only difference is quality.