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No it is not. The only difference between softball and Baseball. Is that there is a different ball for each sport.

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Q: Are fast-pitch softball swings different from baseball swings?
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If pitch hits ground in fastpitch baseball then hits the batter does he go to first?

Yes, unless he swings at it.

If a batter swings at a pitch in the dirt and it is the third strike and also the third out can the batter run to first base?

In softball yes.. if first base is not occupied.... but it depends on baseball and softball and what leval you play at

In fastpitch softball is it a dropped third strike if the pitch hits the dirt with a 2-2 count and the batter swings and misses and the catcher catches the ball off the dirt on the bounce?

ok this confuses me if they have 2 strikes on them and they pitch it and the catcher misses it they run and the catcher has to throw them out hope it helpes!

When does a strike in softball occur?

if the batter swings and misses or if the pitch is between the chest and kness

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Does the weight of the softball bat affect how far the softball will go?

No...well, yes...and no. Bats weigh about--what, two pounds? A-And a batter swings around...50-ish MPH? Get what I'm saying? Weight and velocity.

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Gary Sheffield!

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Is it called a ball when the softball hits the ground in front of home plate?

In most cases this is called a ball. If the batter swings at the ball and misses, however, the pitch is called a strike. If the player swings and gets on base, the ball is obviously not called anything.

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pause in the game controller setup

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What are 3 ways a strike is called on a batter for softball?

The batter watches a strike go by and doesn't swing the bat. A batter swings at a strike and misses. A batter swings at a ball and misses. A batter could also attempt to bunt on the third strike, bunting it foul would lead to the batter being called out.

What is the effect of adding a weight to the end of a baseball bat used for practice swings?

it matters what size you are and the bat

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The batter swinging the bat.

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