Are everton good

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Everton football club is a Liverpool based club that is a part of English Premiere League. It has won the league title nine times.

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They would be regarded as being a big club.

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Yes of Course they are

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Q: Are everton good
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What football team is better arsenal or everton?

Arsenal but Everton are also a very good club.

What good soccer team should you playfor?

Shoreline FCBeachside everton

Who is a better everton or Liverpool?


What is Everton's Twitter handle?

The official twitter handle of Everton Football Club is @Everton.

Who is better Newcastle united or everton?


What was the score of the last everton fc game?

Everton 2 - 1 Fulham ps. everton rule!

Who won everton or Chelsea?

everton nigg nigg

Are Villa better than Everton?

everton are better everton have actually one more stuff than Chelsea in there history and everton allways finish above villa!

What is everton's biggest win?

Everton 7-1 Sunderland in the premier league 2008-2009

Who is Jermaine Beckford?

Jermaine beckford plays for everton. he used to play for leeds united but moed to everton in the summer of 2010. he was leeds' top scorer for many seasons and has many good stike partners such as tresor kandol, luciano becchio and Robert snodgrass. Jermaine beckford will never have such a good career at everton as he did at leeds and im sure he will regter moving there.

When was Everton Bunsie born?

Everton Bunsie was born in 1977.

When was Chloe Everton born?

Chloe Everton was born in 1979.