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Curved, light-weight hockey sticks are the best.

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Q: Are curved hockey sticks better than light weight hockey sticks?
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How are hockey sticks third class levers?

Hockey sticks can be classified as such because the force is between the fulcrum (wrist/elbow/shoulder) and the load (weight of the stick/ball).

What are some scientific advances in hockey sticks?

The composite stick is the newest innovation in hockey stick technology advancement. They have a higher flex rating and are lighter in weight compared to wood and/or aluminum sticks.

Are wood hockey sticks better than composite hockey sticks?

Despite the fact that the integrity of the composite stick can be compromised with even minor nicks and cuts, most players choose them over wood because of their light weight and superior amount of flexibility the sticks provide which allows for greatly enhanced puck action. Composite sticks are also much more expensive.

How do you weigh a hockey stick?

Most hockey sticks have the weight somewhere on the shaft in grams. If you're looking to buy one, ask someone, all new sticks should have the weight printed on them. Not sure of the best way to weigh an old stick which doesn't have its weight printed on the shaft.

Are heavier field hockey sticks better?

Better for what? A stick's weight is really a personal preference, as lighter ones are more suitable for dribbling and other skills where a heavier stick is more useful for hitting.

What is a composite hockey stick?

Composite Hockey sticks are sticks made from interwoven strands of fiberous materials such as carbon fiber. The insides are hollow making them light weight, but the interwoven construction allows for a flexible stick with as much strength as, if not more strength as a wooden one.

How much does the lightest hockey stick weigh?

The lightest hockey stick weighs about 2 pounds for the wooden variety. Other metal sticks that are made out of titanium or aluminum weight about 1.75 pounds.

Weight of hockey stick?

Ranges from stick to stick, and depends on the material type used for the stick. The composite sticks will be lighter due to their hollow core. Wood sticks are solid alll the way through which makes them heavier. Hope that helps.

What is the best field hockey stick to purchase?

The best kind of stick to purchase in field hockey is a composite stick. You may also buy a wooden one, but the composite sticks are heavier, making the ball go further when you hit it. However, composite sticks are more expensive. How do you know which are composite an which are wood? - It will either say it on the stick, or you will be able to tell by the weight of the stick. Composite sticks are a lot heavier.

How many different kinds of hockey sticks are there?

Too many to list.There would be upwards of 50 hockey stick suppliers around the world. Each has several lines (taken to mean between 5 and 10, depending on the size and focus of the company), and each line usually has between 5 and 10 sticks - some with many more. Besides this, there are extras like goalkeeping sticks, of which most companies make two or three (on average) and choices in stick such as length and weight, and for ice hockey the curve as well. Basically, you are looking at ten thousand sticks in total.

What is a curved structure that can hold much weight above it?

A curved structure would be the arch-bridge

What weight is an ice hockey stick?

It ranges between approximately 385-500 grams. But there are also heavier sticks out there. Wooden sticks are often (but not always) heavier than the ones made out of newer materials such as composite, graphite or fiberglass <500 grams. The weight of a composite hockey stick is determined by it's chemical composition of fiberglass, aluminum, Graphite, Kevlar, and Titanium. There are also mixed wood/composite or wood/graphite sticks, that's known as half-composite sticks. These keep the feeling of traditional wood sticks, but also has some of the abilities of the newer materials. It's weight varies, but generally, they're lighter than pure wood stick, but heavier than pure composite.

Weight of a hockey net?


What are the benefits of using a wooden hockey stick over a composite hockey stick?

Weight; composites are far lighter than wooden or woodcore sticks and for some positions, this is better. Even then, it is still a preference. Other than this, there are just as many people in favour of each; each is claimed to break easier, vibrate more, wear down faster, feel unresponsive, etc.

What are those weight lifting sticks called?


How many pounds of weight can be held by a bridge made out of Popsicle sticks?

Depends on the design of the bridge, and how the sticks are joined. In theory I could build a bridge of popsicle sticks that would support several tons of weight- but it would take a LOT of popsicle sticks.

A curved support structure that supports the weight of walls and roofs?


How much a hockey ball weight?

An ice hockey puck weighs 6 oz.

What are the benefits of playing field hockey?

Losing weight

Is field hockey good for weight loss?

Yes, You Lose Weight The Build Muscle

What does a hockey ball weigh?

The standard weight of a hockey ball ranges between 156 to 163 grammes.

Does a women's hockey puck weight the same as a man's hockey puck?

Yes, all normal official ice hockey pucks weigh the same for men or women's ice hockey.

Hockey puck weight in kilogram?

0.80-0.85 kg

What is the average weight of a Junior A hockey player?

183 lbs

How much does a hockey ball weight?

156-163 grams