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YES!!!! It is a proven fact that cheerleaders are more strong then "most" (by that i mean all) Basketball, softball, Baseball, and also hockey players. If you don't believe me, you better sleep with one eye open cause' the person that invented Cheerleading will get you. (LOL, not really!!)

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Q: Are cheerleaders stronger than most basketball and softball players?
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Are cheerleaders stronger than football players?

anyone who says football players are stronger, don't know what they're saying cheerleaders are so much stronger

What is a cheerleaders role at a football and basketball game?

To get the crowd excited about the team, cheer on the players and to keep the audience hopeful during the game

Do cheerleaders get injured more then basketball players?

yes, they get hurt all t he time. try catching a person when she has no controle while falling from a basket tose. basketball players just have to worry about getiing hit by a ball or someonetrying to hit them.

Who is prettier cheerleaders or volleyball players?

Cheerleaders because i was one and they where pretty

What sports players are categorized as jocks?

football players & cheerleaders, primarily.

Do football players love cheerleaders more?


Why do cheerleaders cheer for sports?

Cheerleaders motivate sports players to try their best! That is what cheerleading is all about!

What continents play softball?

none all the softball players died

How many NFL cheerleaders date players?

A few of them

What do you call the players of the basketball game?

Basketball players.

How many players are on a softball field at once?

nine players

Do all star cheerleaders or football players get hurt more?

All star cheerleaders get more hurt because they get tossed and football players don't really do anything.......