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The new Callaway XHot Woods are made in China and assembled in Mexico

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Q: Are callaway golf clubs made in the US?
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Are any golf clubs made in the US?


Where can one purchase golf clubs for a toddler?

Toddler golf clubs are usually regarded as toys. One can buy toddler golf clubs from a number of toy stores including Toys R' Us, eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

Are Ping golf clubs made in the US?

No, they are no longer made in the US. Manufacturing was changed to China about two years ago, many people say the quality has dropped since then.

What golf clubs are made in US?

Many of the top manufacturers have their clubs made in countries like china etc, althought not all their clubs. I think some of the higher end of their ranges are still made in the USA. If you want to be sure your clubs are made in the USA then try a custom build company like Grandt Industries, Inc.

Which was the first company to make a matched set of golf clubs in the US?


Are the clubs made in the US?

yes there is.

What was the first company to make a matched set of golf clubs in the US?

AG Spaulding

Where are titleist golf clubs made?

The clubs are actually manufactured in China. They are shipped to the USA and a seriel number is stuck on each club indicate that the profit and sales were logged and recorded for the US based company.

Who won the first US Open using metal golf clubs?

Jack Nicklaus' brother Bob

Where to get fitted for custom golf clubs?

You should phone round local golf stores and see if they do it. Any good golf shop should do it. In the US places like Golf Galaxy and Dicks Sporting goods do it.

Are all Golf Carts made in US?

No, it depends on manufacturer.

Does Suno Golf sale real clubs?

No, they sell fake clubs. The two giveaways are price, all products are substantially less than trade price and if you compare the photos on the Suno website to those on official websites there are tell tale signs. You can use Suno if you want, but if a club breaks there is nothing you can do, whereas the bigger manufacturer would replace it. Please avoid Suno Golf. Suno Golf's domain was seized by US Customs due to selling fake golf clubs.

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