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Q: Are blue jays born live or from eggs?
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Where in Canada do blue jays live?

blue jays live in all of Canada

Where do blue jays live in canada?

blue jays live all across Canada.

Do Blue Jays live in New Jersey?

yes, Blue jays live everywhere

Do blue jays and doves live in California?

Yes, both blue jays and doves live in California.

Where do Blue Jays live?

Blue jays live in Canada in nests that are built on trees.

What territory do blue jays live in?

Blue Jays live in North America (Canada and the United States).

Are blue tongue skinks born live?

Yes blue tongue skinks are born live,not from eggs

Does a blue jay live in the rainforest?

No. Blue jays do not live in the rainforest.

Do blue jays live in the amazon?


Do blue jays live in Nevada city?


Do blue jays migrate?

Depending on what part of North America you live in, some blue jays may migrate but most do not.

Where are blue jays mostly live?

Blue jays usually live in Southern Canada, Northern Texas, Southern California and East of the Rocky Mts.

Were blue jays live?

They come from your a s s

Do blue jays live in an deciduos forest?


Do blue jays live in a nest in a tree?


Do blue jays live in the wetlands?


How long do blue jays live?

A blue jay lives for 20 years

Where do blue jays bird live?

they live in north ans south amrica

What is the habitat of a blue jay?

Blue jays live in trees often in urban areas.

How old do blue jays birds get?

They live to about 7 years

Do blue jays live all over the US?


How are bats and blue jays different?

live in different place

Blue jay facts?

they live about 6 years The female jays, like the other songbirds, develop a naked portion of their stomach skin called the brood or incubation patch. This area does not have feathers and are filled with small blood vessels. It actually provides heat during the incubation of eggs and later on for the young blue jays. Blue jays are vertebrates

Are the clownfish born live or from eggs?

The Clownfish are not born live but are hatched from eggs.

What kinds of shelters do blue jays live in?

Like most birds, blue jays do not build permanent shelters. Usually will roost in dense evergreen trees for protection.