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Q: Are belly putters legal in PGA?
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How many PGA players endorse odyssey putters?


Where could one find Rife putters for sale?

Most major retailers carry Rife putters, including Golfsmith, Edwin Watts, PGA Superstores and Roger Dunn Golf Shops. They retail for around $200-$250.

Are laser golf putters legal?

in semi pro and amateur yes but not in pro tournaments

Is iron grip legal on putter?

Yes, every club can have have a round cross section grip. Putters just have more options

What types of products does Rife Putters sell?

Rife Putters is an online store that sells golf putters and accessories. They have accessories to customize their putters with custom grips and weights and golf balls to use with their putters.

Who was the first golfer to use a belly putter on the PGA tour?

arnold palmer

Is it legal for a PGA professional to run a golf tournament that gives cash prizes?

Depends on your definition of legal. I don't think the local DA will have a problem with it but the head of the local PGA chapter might have something to say about it.

When was Professional Putters Association created?

Professional Putters Association was created in 1959.

What is a good but cheap putter?

Depends how cheap. Yes C groove putters, Rife putters, Odyssey and Ping putters are all excellent mid range putters. But you could also check eBay or the clearance/sale section in online shops.

How much did Victorian children get paid for working as putters?

how much did victorianchildren get payed for working as putters

Are pot belly pigs legal in London Ontario?


The club that is used on the green in golf is?

Well that is the putter of course There are all different types, such as belly putters, chest putters and your normal standerized putter. I hope one day my way of putting which is using a driver for putting, will make it big in the game of golf.