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Q: Are ballistik bikes any good
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Are framed brand BMX bikes good?

are framed bmx bikes any good

Are orbea bikes any good?

Orbea has a whole range of bikes. But yes, the brand has a fairly good reputation.

Are folding bikes any good?

They are good if you want to store them easily.

Are Iron Horse bikes any good?


Are hyper bike co bikes any good?

there are the real hyper bikes which are great and there are also walmart ones that are crap so yeah

Are GT mountain bikes any good?

GT has a full range of mountain bikes ranging from steel framed bikes with front shock forks to full suspension carbon fiber frame bikes like the Fury, which can cost upwards of $7000.

Are verde bmx bikes good?

yes. verde bikes are good.

Are mirraco bikes better than a haro bikes and are they just good bikes?

Mirraco bikes are really good beginner pro bikes Haro bikes brake kinda allot id go with Mirraco all the way.

What has the author Hubert Schardin written?

Hubert Schardin has written: 'Ballistik in Einzeldarstellungen'

What stores have good bikes?

Bicycle stores have good bikes, not department stores.

Are Viking racing bikes any good like the Milano?

Viking has some good bikes. They make a full range of bicycles. The Milano is "entry level" with it's generic parts and entry level Shimano components.

Are bmxes good bikes?

yes they are very good bikes for things like ramps

How do you get kreds on stick arena ballistik?

Log in every 7-8 hours and click the Shop tab.

What are good bikes?

Fezzari bikes are pretty amazing.

Are ssr pit bikes good bikes?


Are bmx bikes at Toys R Us any good?

i would not bye a bike a any walmart or toys r us any where they suck

Are sapient bmx bikes any good?

no they suck; only had 1 for a week and the rear rims broke

Are Chinese dirt bikes any good?

I personally wouldn't buy one but if you ride easy it will last

How do you find bikes?

Strange question. you can go to a bicycle store, search ebay, craigslist or any other internet source of merchandise. Department stores carry(usually not so good) bikes.

Are colony bmx bikes good?

Yes they are one of the best brands out thereColony BMX bikes are really good bikes because of their strong frames and tires.

Is a mongoose spin a good bmx bike?

No Mongoose Bikes are made very cheap and are not good at all. I ride BMX and am sponsored by a few companies such as coalition. If You Want A GOOD bike go to an authorized bike shop and get eastern bikes, oddysey bikes, animal bikes, fit bikes, Sunday bikes, demolition bikes, bully bikes, coalition bikes, shadow conspiracy bikes, and brands like that for parts, and build a custom bike with a trained pro. it might run u up over a thousand dollars though but its worth it. ive got one 2,384$

How do you play vice city at internet?

Is there any good cheat in Vice city. I mean of helicopter , bikes, plane

Are gt bikes good?

yes there the best bmx and there alright mountain bikes. great hybrids and light road bikes

Which is better ABD bmx bikes or fuse bmx bikes and could you tell me other good companies and bikes for under 400 Australian dollars?

other good comps- dk, stolens are good but expensive, easterns. for a good bike selection go to

Are Honda dirt bikes better that kawasaki dirt bikes?

They both are very good bikes, but if i had to choose i would buy a Kawasaki.