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Q: Are animals like rabbits tigers and owls producers consumers or decomposes?
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Are rabbits and mice an example of consumers that eat producers?

Rabbits and mice are an example of consumers that eat producers.

Are cottontail rabbits consumers or producers?

Cottontail rabbits - like all rabbits - are consumers.

Are rabbits consumers decomposers or producers?


What types of animals are primary consumers?

Primary consumers are animals that eat producers (plants). They are also known as herbivores. Examples include; rabbits, sheep and cows.

Is a jackrabbit a consumer or a producer?

consumer, producers are plants.Jack rabbits - like all rabbits - are consumers.

What animals eat producers and consumers?

Animals that only eat producers are called herbivores. Some herbivores include horses, grasshoppers, rabbits, etc. Animals that eat consumers are carnivores. Some examples of carnivores are lions, hawks, spiders, etc. Animals that eat both consumers and producers are called omnivores. Some examples of omnivores include bears and other animals.

What do rabbits eat and do they eat Producers?

Yes, rabbits eat Producers (like grass, weeds, and other vegetation); this makes rabbits Primary Consumers in the Food Chain.

What are primary consumers and secondary consumers?

Primary consumers feed on producers (plants) and secondary consumers feed on primary consumers. For example, rabbits are primary consumers because they feed on vegetation. Foxes are secondary consumers because they feed on rabbits.

What are producers for a coyotes?

If you are talking in terms of producer/consumer, the coyote doesn't have a producer; it eats other consumers. They eat rabbits, mice and others small animals.

What eats producers and consumers?

omnivoresproducers are eaten by rabbits. an example of a producer is grass.producers are eaten by rabbits. an example of a producer is grass.

What is the first order consumer?

In a food chain, first order consumers are animals, such as grasshoppers and rabbits, which eat grass or plants. Producers are plants that can make their own food. Second order consumers eat first order consumers. Examples of second order consumers are birds that eat insects and snakes that eat rabbits in a food chain.

Are rabbits producers?

no rabbits are not producers because they are not a plant rabbits are herbivore

What are some of the consumers in the desert?

All animals in the desert are consumers. Only plants are producers. Examples: snakes lizards rabbits, hares wolves, coyotes birds of all kinds big cats coatis and so forth.

What are the main producers and consumers in a desert?

Grasses are probably the main producers of a desert followed by shrubs and trees and other small plants. Rodents, hares, rabbits and squirrels are the most common consumers in the desert.

What is a desert animal consumer?

All desert animals are consumers. The only producers are the plants. Examples: insects, rodents, rabbits, hares, deer, antelope, cougars and other wildcats, etc.

Is a bunny a produser?

Umm... no. Rabbits are consumers, meaning they eat other organisms. They are also herbivores, a.k.a. plant-eaters. Producers are mainly plants, and hopefully you know that bunnies are animals :)

What are 3 animals that are first level consumers in tundra?

A first level consumer is one that consumes producers (plants) directly. First level consumers in the tundra biome would include small herbivores such as lemmings and rabbits, and large grazers such as elk.

Is a rabbit a consumer?

All animals are consumers which includes rabbits. It is a herbivore, a primary consumer.

Why are rabbits considered primary consumers?

Rabbits are primary consumers because they consume plants. Plants are primary producers - storing energy from the sun as they grow. Rabbits consume the plants and so are the first animal in the chain from primary producer through to predator and decomposer organisms.

How do you know if an animal is a primary consumer or secondary consumer?

Primary consumers are also known as herbivores and eat producers (plants). Secondary consumers are also known as carnivores and eat primary consumers. For example: Grass is a producer. Rabbits eat grass, making them primary consumers. Foxes eat rabbits, making them secondary consumers.

What is the Interactions between food chain and food web?

a food web shows animals that eat consumers and producers, and it shows several animals that eat the same thing say: rabbits and cows eat grass, foxes eat rabbits, humans eat rabbits and cows, if you get what i mean? a food chain is like: grass-->rabbit-->fox. hope this answer helped :)

What are the primary consumers in a desert biome?

Insects, rodents, rabbits, hares, squirrels and hoofed animals are some primary consumers in the desert.

What is the name for organisms that eat producers?

The name for organisms that eat producers is Consumers.Generically, 'producers' or 'autotrophs' make their own food from Water, Carbon dioxide and the energy in Sunlight and 'consumers' or 'heterotrophs' get their food/energy by eating producers.However, consumers can be subdivided into:-Herbivores (which only eat producers, primary consumers - e.g. Zebra, Rabbits)Carnivores (which predate and eat herbivores, secondary consumers - e.g. Tigers, Sharks)Omnivores (which can eat both herbivores and producers - e.g. Humans, Pigs)There are also those organisms which break down and decompose producers and consumers when they die.

Is a rabbit an example of a producer?

No, a producer is an organism that can make its own food. Most plants are producers. They use the sun's energy to create glucose (energy). Rabbits cannot create their own food so they have to eat the producers. Rabbits are considered consumers.

Are rabbits consumers?

yes, rabbits are comsumers (primary consumers) because they eat plants.