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no of course not

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Q: Are all Boston Red Sox players from Boston?
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Who are all of the current Boston Red Sox players?

Currently, there are 25 players on the active roster. To see both active and inactive players on the Red Sox roster, see the related link.

Why do the Boston Red Sox players have beards?

The Boston Red Sox players have beards because during spring training Mike Napoli and JOnny Gomes started growing beards. Most of the rest of the team joined in and have worn beards all season.

What is the Boston Red Sox all-time record?

Through the 2011 season, the Boston Red Sox have 8,909 wins and 8,305 losses.

Where can one purchase Boston Red Sox merchandise?

Boston Red Sox merchandise can be purchased directly from the official Red Sox webpage. Alternatively, try all good sportswear stores, or Amazon or Ebay.

Who Boston Red Sox players played in the 60's and 70's?

By my count, 27 players played for the Red Sox in both the 1960s and 1970s. I will not list them all, but some of the more prominent ones were Tony and Billy Conigliaro, Carlton Fisk, Jim Lonborg, Sparky Lyle, Rico Petrocelli, George Scott, Reggie Smith and Carl Yastrzemski. For a complete listing go the the Boston Red Sox web-site and look at their all-time players roster.

What year did Boston Red Sox host an all-star game?

The Boston Red Sox hosted 3 all star games at Fenway Park: 1946, 1961, and 1999.

Which team is better the Chicago White Sox or the Boston Red Sox?

RED SOX. as of 2007 the head to head record all-time is 945 to 906.

Who replaced hank aaron as the first player listed on the all time major league list of players?

David Aardsma, a right handed pitcher who broke in with the Boston Red Sox in 2004. He pitched with the Cubs in 2006, White Sox in 2007, and Red Sox in 2008.

Why don't the Red Sox home jerseys have the players names on them?

The Red Sox home jerseys do not have the player names on them, because it is assumed that all of the fans at Fenway will already know all of the players anyway.

How many all-time wins do the Boston Red Sox have?

Through the 2013 season, the Red Sox all time win loss record is 9,075-8,463.

How many times did the Red Sox win an lose in all?

From 1901 - 2009 the Boston Red Sox have an all time record of 8,730 wins and 8,160 losses.

In 1999 who held the MLB all-star game?

Boston Red Sox. Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts.

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