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The short answer is yes. Two of the most common things that shorten the life of a racquet are moisture damage and heat damage. What exactly is it that happens when a racquet is exposed to these conditions?

Excessive heat causes the racquet and its strings to expand to the point of becoming deformed and unusable.

Racquets are often damaged after being kept inside a car on a hot day, which can get up to 150°F/66°C. Perhaps the most common playing surface, asphalt, also gets hot enough to cause damage to racquets placed near it on a hot day.

While minor amounts of moisture on the racquet probably won't cause damage, it is important to remember that racquets are not water tight, nor are they 100% moisture resistant. Moisture can collect in unsealed and unprotected areas, adding weight to the racquet and possibly causing warping.

A common way moisture damage happens is when a racquet is stored with wet towels, sweaty clothes or leaky drink containers inside equipment bags. The MoistureGuard and ThermoGuard liners found in Wilson tennis bags protect racquets against this kind of damage.

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Q: Are Wilson tennis bags good with thermal guard and moisture guard?
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