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That is a matter of opinion. The Scottish people are very passionate about football (soccer) and over the years Scotland has produced many great footballers and football teams.

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Q: Are Scottish people good at soccer?
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What type of sports do Scottish people play?

i think they played soccer

What Scottish soccer club would be good to follow?

Celtic or rangers. They are the best teams in Scotland.

What did the Scottish people look like?

Exactly like scottish people look today Good answer.

What is the Scottish soccer team called?

There is no Scottish 'soccer' team. I think you mean the 'Scotland National football team'. It is run by the Scottish Football Association, and has existed since 1872.

What sports do Scotland people play in their country?

scottish people play football(soccer),rugby,shinty(like hockey) and curling.

What do Scottish people do for fun?

Football (Not American football "Soccer" as Americans call it) other sports, Nothing special

Who is the Scottish announcer on FOX Soccer?

Ray Hudson

Who is the best Scottish soccer player?

jimmy johnstone.

Who is the Scottish announcer on setantas soccer?

Andy Gray

Why do the scottish play soccer?

Soccer is an international sport. There are many excellent players and managers that have originated from Scotland

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Do only the Irish wear kilts?

No. Scottish people wear kilts also. Mainly at weddings and when the national football (soccer) or rugby teams are playing.

Who won the Scottish championship in soccer in 1982-3?


What Scottish soccer club should you follow?

ballbag fc

Does the people to people soccer program provide good athletics or is it just a travel program?

It provides good athletics.

Who was the first player to be given a red card in a Scottish soccer game?


Which scottish soccer club has the longest unbeaten home run?


What league is the soccer team Celtic fc in?

Scottish Premier League

Where are Scottish people from?

Scottish people are from Scotland

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How are people so good at soccer?

practice, practice, practice!

What are good soccer nicknames for the people playing?

Dazzling kicker

Are Scottish soccer teams really part of the premier league?

No they have their own league called the Scottish league. the main clubs are Celtic and clasgow Rangers.

What are twelve national scottish soccer teams?

Well, there only is one, Scotland.

Where was scottish soccer player john Collins born?