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Pools used in Olympic competitions are filled with chlorinated fresh water.

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Q: Are Olympic pools saltwater
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Are saltwater pools better that regular pools?


Can salt water pools cause itching?

Yes, saltwater pools can cause itching, although many find saltwater pools to be easier on skin than chlorinated ones.

Do saltwater pools kill grass?


Can snakes live in saltwater pools?

they can

How deep are the olympic diving pools?

the depth of the olympic swimming pools is 5 to 6 metres****

Do saltwater pools taste salty?

As they are filled with SaltWater, they will taste salty... Like oceanwater

Do you recommend saltwater filters for fiberglass pools?


How many Olympic-sized swimming pools are there in Victoria and Melbourne?

There are 2 Olympic size swimming pools in Victoria

What is better a Sand filter system or a saltwater filter system for above ground pools?

Is a sand filter system or a saltwater filter system for above ground pools?

Are saltwater swimming pools sanitary?

They're no more or less sanitary than chlorinated pools.

How many Olympic sized swimming pools in Australia?

There are 47 olympic size swimming pools in Australia. Alex the swimmer.

What does muriatic acid do for saltwater pools?

It lowers the pH

What kind of water are in tide pools?

Usually saltwater.

Are there sensors in olympic pools?


Does a saltwater pool help with stain problems in fiberglass pools?


What kind of salt do you use for saltwater pools?

pool salt

Can inflatable pools be saltwater pools?

Yes. Because Inflatable Pools is generally made of 0.55mm PVC Tarpaulin which isHigh-strength, fire-resistant and waterproof.

2500 liters equals how many olympic size pools?

0.001 swimming pools.

What is the difference between an old olympic pool and a new pool olympic pool?

new pools are 9ft deep; old pools are typically 6ft

How long are olympic pools?

50 m

What is the water bubble for in Olympic pools?


How many olympic pools in the us?


Do average pools convert in yards or meters?

average pools usually use yards as a distiance but olympic pools use meters

What gas is used to keep swimming pools clean?

Chlorine gas isdissolved into the water to chlorinate it this is also what happens in saltwater pools.

Is it a problem if you swallow some of the saltwater from the salt system pools?

It could be fatal.

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