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yes nike 90 is a very good type of cleat

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โˆ™ 2010-06-05 22:36:38
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Q: Are Nike 90 a good cleat?
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Why is there a 90 on the soccer cleat?

It is a type of a cleat made by Nike and they are called Total 90 in the sense that you play a total of 90 minutes in a soccer game.

What is the best soccer cleat for youth?

in my opinion the best cleat for youth is anything in the nike total 90 catorgory

What is the difference between a economic Nike cleat and a regular Nike cleat?

economics are made of cheaper material

What are the different types of Nike shoes?

Nike Shocks there a football cleat

What is the lightest football cleat in the world?

the lightest football cleat is nike vapor jett

What is the most used cleat in mlb?


What was the first Nike football cleat?


Best soccer cleat for goalie?

the best soccer cleat for a goalie is the Nike T90 laser lll the Nike ctr360(I highly recomend) or the Adidas predator x

What cleat does Robinson Cano have?

2010 nike hurrache

Which soccer cleat is better f50 micoach or Nike mercurial superfly 3?

Definetly the Nike Mercurial Superfly III. The F50 Micoach is a not a very good shoe.

What is Nike's lightest soccer cleat?

The Gs soccer clear.

What is the best soccer cleat for a defender?

Nike T90 Laser, Adidas Predator X, Nike Mercurial Vapor 5

What is a T-90?

A T-90 is a series of super computer, a Russian tank, a model number for a Nike cleat, a 1980's model SLR camera made by Cannon, and a series of 600 volt conduit (wire).

What are the best football cleat brand?

Nike is by far the one with the most swag

What is the best soccer cleat?

Definitely the Nike mercurial vapors or the Adidas f50 tunit

What baseball cleat is the best?

Under Armour has a good slim foot shoe, but it cramps your foot, Nike has broad foot and are comforter able, but not as durable as UA

Is the nike tiempo a soccer or baseball cleat?

They are soccer cleats, but can also be used for other cleat sports if you play recreationally. If you play competitively, then you should get the sport-specific footwear.

What are the best cleats for a football fullback player?

Anything hightop like nike alpha speeds are very good and i sugesst the under armour highlight cleat if you have the money

What are the best soccer cleats?

The best ones out there that Nike has are called Nike Mercurial Vapors IV i have them and there so good if you play forward because there very light or any position. here is a picture of how they look http://www.soccerpro.comimages317727-671_Nike_mercurial_vapor_4_red_outside_zm.jpg it depends what kind of player you are. if you like nikes the best cleat for good touch is the Nike Tiempo air legend, if you like shot accuracy a perfect cleat would be the nike t90 laser 2, if you like speed then the mercurial sl is your choice. a mens size ten weighs only 6 onces making this the lightest cleat in the world. but if you like a combination of these the new nike ctr360 maeserti is perfect. These are all from nike. if you want all of these charachterstics in 1 shoe try Adidas predator powerswerve, I guarantee your game will get better especially your shot accuracy and power. if you are more of a dribbler tru Adidas F50i or F30i

What is the worst Nike shoe?

Nike air max 90

What is the best football cleat for a wide receiver?

The nike zoom vapor carbon fly 2 TD cleats

What are the best soccer cleat?

I love nike soccer cleats. They have padding in them and are easy to run in and dont pinch your feet.

What kind of football cleats do you get if I am a corner back?

id prefer Nike vapors because they are light but almost any low-cut cleat is good for a DB including under armor

When can you buy the Nike Zoom Alpha Talon football cleat?

You will be able to get the Nike Alpha Talon on Friday, February 4, 2011, from 10-11pm only, at Dick's Sporting Goods in Frisco, TX at the Stonebriar Mall. There will be 54 pair available for $195 and an unannounced Nike NFL player(s) will be at the store signing autographs for those buying the cleat, along with a Q&A.

Which football cleat is better nike zoom vapor carbon fly or Adidas scorch adizero?

The Carbons. I've owned both cleats and I like Nike and the Vapor Carbons better.