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Yes, they are. The NFL sees that as lost revenue, as after the game they try to get the balls signed by key players or sell the ball as an "official game used" ball. Its unknown how much they actually fine them, as it may be in tow with an excessive celebration fine. Its total BS, MLB gives balls away, why not the NFL?

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Q: Are NFL players fined for throwing the ball into the stands?
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Do NFL players get fined for giving balls away to the fans and if so how much?

If a NFL player hands a ball to a fan after scoring they do not get fined by the League. However If a player throws the ball into the stands, they will get fined by the NFL. Throwing the ball into the stands consitiutes a Fan Safety/Crowd Control Violation, as is may cause a fight to break out in the stands. In January of 2013 two NFL players, Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree, were each fined $ 10,500 for throwing the ball into the stands after scoring. NO if they score on a TD then there allow to give fans balls. If Its not a TD and you give it away then yes you are fine and could be a Delay of Game. Most players keep them and give it to fans after the game if they want along with their game attire.

What is the fine for a baseball player throwing a ball in the stands at the end of an inning?

There are no fines for baseball players throwing a ball into the stands. Baseball teams don't like to accept players with too many fines on their record. Baseball is still a professional organization and those kinds of players reflect on the ball club they play for.

Does a pro football player have to pay for the ball he tosses in the crowd?

All football players throwing the ball into the stands has to pay for the ball and potential face a fine for delay of game.

What is the fine for a baseball player throwing a ball he caught into the stands?

In the case of Major League Baseball, there are no fines for players that throw a baseball into the stands after their team on defense has recorded 3 outs.

Does a pro football player get fined for throwing football to the fans?

Yes, they are arrested and sent to rehabilition for excessive ball loving.

Name are the three qualities that a goalkeeper should posses in hockey?

no handcouching the ball no throwing the ball with the use of hand no attacking the players

Motion similar to throwing a ball?

throwing a tennis ball

Do volleyball players catch and then throw?

No. Catching or throwing the ball is against the rules and will earn the other team a point.

Is throwing a ball a linear function?

No. Throwing a ball is a quadratic function.

When is the non-throwing scrum half offside when the ball is in a scrum?

When they exceed the ball at the feet of the opposing players of the other team.

What is the opposite of a ball?

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What is the rule for tackling a ball carrier by grabbing the helmet only not facemask and throwing him to the ground?

The player will get hit with a 15-yard flag and the coach may suspened him and he may be fined by the NFL.

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